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ZyXEL NAS326 vs ZyXEL NAS520 Review Comparison

ZyXEL NAS326 vs. ZyXEL NAS520 is the battle between two of the best NAS products from ZyXEL. Network-attached storage (NAS) or also known as personal cloud storage is indeed necessary these days. The device allows accessing their files quickly anytime and anywhere.

These two products from ZyXEL are prominent as the first NAS device. Below is the comparison between ZyXEL NAS326 vs. ZyXEL NAS520.

ZyXEL NAS326 Review

ZyXEL NAS326 is compact and sleek personal cloud storage. It has many useful features, and all those features are essential to keep any data stored in it safe and secure. Below is the list of several features embodied in ZyXEL NAS326.

Securely Protect the Data.

The point of using a NAS device is to keep personal data safe and sound. This is the main feature given by ZyXEL NAS326. The NAS device is certainly completed by the ability to keep the data secure. The device has RAID 1 capability. With that, the NAS is capable of clones any data and contents inside a drive to another drive automatically. That is why the data will remain safe and sound even when the drive is corrupted and damaged.

Mobile App Integrated.

This NAS device is integrated with a mobile app that can be installed on a smartphone, tablet, and another gadget. With the app, controlling the NAS is easier than ever. The users can access the file, share the data, and so on from the NAS wherever and whenever.

Easy-To-Use Interface.

ZyXEL NAS326 is completed by an intelligent desktop with many tools and features. They are easy to use and also easy to understand. The GUI design is available and straightforward to do the job quickly. The NAS also has a multi-window interface that allows users to transfer files, get applications, and so on fast.

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ZyXEL NAS520 Review

ZyXEL NAS520 in the next NAS product released after the NAS326. It has more advanced features compared to its predecessor, especially from the design.

The improvements in the design provide high impacts in storing and delivering the data from inside the NAS to other devices. Below are the ZyXEL NAS520 features:

Hot-Swaphot-Swapping and Bolt Free Design.

There are two significant new features in the design of the NAS. The first one is the hot-swap hot-swapping feature. This feature allows users to replace the hard drive easily without having to shut down the whole system.

A simple click will open the slot, and users can do hard drive replacement easily and quickly. The second new feature is the bolt-free design. With no bolts on the NAS, users can easily install the hard disk without having to use hardware tools such as screwdrivers. The quick and easy setup saves time and helps users to get the data quicker.

Cooler and Quieter.

A NAS device is prone to overheating. However, with ZyXEL NAS520, the risk of overheating and endangering the data is not an issue. The NAS is more refreshing and quieter. It has a 90-millimeter fan to cool down the device entirely and keep the environment around the user quiet. The product life is surely longer, and the heat damage risk is avoidable.

High-Performance Speed.

The ZyXEL NAS520 has the high-performance speed to allow the user to share files or stream videos in high quality straight from any personal device. With the NAS device, all data, including videos, are more comfortable to hold, project, and share.

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The comparison concludes that both of them can bring access to any personal data securely and efficiently. ZyXEL NAS520 is the more advanced version of the two because it has handy additional features including the hot-swap feature and the bolt-free design.

If users think that these features matter, then the battle between ZyXEL NAS326 vs. ZyXEL NAS520 should be won by the latter.

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