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Zebra GK420t vs Zebra ZD420t Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

The labeling processes for products or transactions could be one of the most complicated jobs for every business establishment. However, the business owner could do that job with a label printer. Here, we have prepared a review of two label printer products you can consider, Zebra GK420t vs Zebra ZD420t.

Zebra GK420t Review

Zebra creates the GK420t label printer with a user-friendly concept. First of all, we found out that this printer is easy to use, even if you are a beginner. The installation doesn’t take too much time, including the connecting process to your device.

The connection feature is available in various options. You can use a USB, serial cable, or parallel port to your device. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a Bluetooth connection, which is a bit let down, but it is okay for basic labeling needs.

It uses Thermal Transfer Technology. Thanks to this feature, the printing result on the label paper can last much longer. Moreover, Zebra also add Direct Thermal technology to it, if you prefer that printing process.

Zebra designed this printer for continuous printing. They use high durability material and design, which allow you to use it for a very long time. You can use it to create various label printings, such as an address, shipping, file folder, mailing, barcode, label for binder, and name tags.

It also has quite a satisfying printing speed at 5 inches/sec. Furthermore, its printing resolution is also high, which is 203 dpi. That makes your label readable and easy to notice.

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Zebra GK420t Pros & Cons:

  • Easy to use with a user-friendly interface,
  • Three connection ports for different types of devices,
  • Thermal Transfer Technology for longer printing lifespan,
  • High printing speed (5 inches/s),
  • 203 dpi resolution.
  • No Bluetooth connection,
  • Sometimes it produces a smudging printing result.

Zebra ZD420t Review

ZD420t is another label printer from Zebra that we found interesting to see. One of the parts that quite satisfy our expectations is the connection feature. It has various options, such as Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, and other physical ports.

The Bluetooth feature is one of the reasons why we want to review this label printer. It helps a lot in simplifying the connection setting with any device you use. Unfortunately, it seems that the Bluetooth feature doesn’t have quite satisfying connection stability, as we found it often disconnects.

Other than the connection feature, this printer also has a complete thermal printing feature. It can use thermal transfer printing and direct thermal printing technology. So, choose the printing preference that you like.

This printer is easy to use. You don’t have to worry about the complicated process when you set it up or operate it. Everything is available in one flowing process.

It is also easy to manage. The high durability and the design that can last longer also make it suitable for any business establishment.

The printing speed is 6 inches/s. It has a 203 dpi resolution with Energy Star approved. That makes it a reliable tool you can use.

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Zebra ZD420t Pros & Cons

  • Various connection options (Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB, and others),
  • Two thermal printing technologies (transfer and direct),
  • Easy to use and manage,
  • High printing speed (6 inches/s),
  • High printing resolution (203 dpi).
  • Unstable Bluetooth connection,
  • The design looks old and not appealing.

Which is Better, Zebra GK420t or Zebra ZD420t?

After we reviewed both products, we have a clear result here. Our choice for the better printer goes to Zebra ZD420t. It has better printing speed and Bluetooth feature, which become the reason we choose it as the better printer.

We hope this Zebra GK420t vs Zebra ZD420t review helps you a lot to choose the label printer for your business. So, buy the label printer that you need now!