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Zebra GK420d vs DYMO 4XL Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

If you are running a business and need a small printer to print labels, you would love to have a thermal label printer. It can print without cartridges and save more money compared to more giant printers. Between the favorite Zebra GK420d vs. DYMO 4XL, which thermal printer is better?

Zebra GK420d Review


Zebra GK420d comes with a compact design at 12.95 x 9.13 x 8.07 inches. The printer has a sturdy casing that makes it more durable. It weighs 5.95 pounds, relatively light to be put on a small desk.

Looking at the design, Zebra GK420d is a perfect choice for workplaces or offices.


Zebra GK420d is very easy to use. Connect it with a USB, and you are ready to go. The printer is compatible with fanfold and rolled labels with a maximum width of 4.25 inches and a maximum diameter of 5 inches.

Featuring Direct Thermal Technology, Zebra GK420d does not need a thermal ribbon. With this technology, you can print at 203 dpi resolution. However, it should be understood that the printing result will not stay longer than the thermal printer that uses thermal transfer.

The highlight of Zebra GK420d is its durability. The printer is designed to help you with shipping, barcodes, mailing, name tags, file folders, binder labels, and many more.

The Zebra label printer uses fixed reflective and transmissive sensors to make sure the printing result is exact. It uses a thermal printhead to apply a certain amount of heat directly onto the label paper.

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Zebra GK420d Pros and Cons

  • Allow more customization
  • Fast, up to 5 inches per second
  • Suitable for handling bulk printing
  • Support fanfold and rolled labels
  • All of the controls are digital

DYMO 4XL Review


DYMO 4XL indeed has a compact and stylish design with a 10.25 x 10 x 10 inches measurement. It weighs 1.82 pounds, even lighter than Zebra GK420d. To run the printer, you will need to put an AA battery.


DYMO 4XL can handle label printing up to 4 inches wide. Warehouse labels, bulk mailing labels, barcodes, 4 x 6 inches shipping labels, identification labels, and many more. However, it would be best to use authentic Dymo Labels that have varied sizes to print with this printer.

DYMO 4XL features several graphics and customizable texts to create the best label for your business. You can use them for free with the DYMO software. You can also print shipping labels from various websites, such as Etsy, eBay, Amazon, and many more.

Another exciting feature of DYMO 4XL is that it provides more than 60 professional label templates. There are address labels, retail store labels, price tags, name badge labels, barcode labels, and many more. The printer is also compatible with DYMO stamps.

DYMO 4XL can do fast printing – standard four-line address for more than 50 times in only a minute. Using this printer can help you to save a lot of money since it does not use ink. Dymo 4XL labels have excellent quality.

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DYMO 4XL Pros and Cons

  • Print resolution 300 dpi
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with Dymo Stamps
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty
  • Free label-printing program
  • Less noise, quiet operation
  • Support only DYMO label rolls
  • Complicated controls
  • Should have an Endicia account to print stamps

Which is Better, Zebra GK420d or DYMO 4XL?

Based on the review, there are many things that you should consider before choosing between Zebra GK420d vs. DYMO 4XL. What does your office need to be more efficient in working with labels? If you think you need to print more frequently every day, then Zebra GK420d is better.