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Yeedi K650 vs Roomba 675 Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Robotic cleaners are very much necessary for keeping your house clean and up to scratch. Everyone is busy with their work. Hence it becomes a monumental task to clean the house physically every day.

An automatic cleaner is extremely helpful in this area as you can remotely control it and get the job done while relaxing. So, when choosing a cleaner, the biggest question is Yeedi K650 vs. Roomba 675.

Yeedi K650 Review

The Yeedi K650 is one of the most advanced cleaners available in the market. If you want a fully automatic cleaner that requires the least amount of interference on your part, then this is the perfect product.

The software is very much advanced, which prevents it from crashing into furniture and walls. The cleaning process is very silent and efficient. The unit is built sturdily with an aesthetic design that fits very well with any home.

Yeedi K650 Features

  • The cleaner has been fitted with dual side brushes to offer more deep cleaning of your floor and other surfaces. It can raise the power to 2000 pa, which effectively loosens the dirt and sucks it up.
  • This cleaner has a dustbin with a capacity of 800 ml, which is way more than other models. The large dustbin means less often you have to get up to clean the machine.
  • A triple filter system is installed into the cleaner, which filters out 99% of all the dust mites and allergens. So if you are allergic to dust, this cleaner takes care that no one is bothered by the germs.
  • It comes with an advanced boundary detecting system that allows you to set the cleaner for cleaning only certain sections of your home which you want.
  • The body design is very aerodynamic and compact that allows the cleaner to access very hard-to-reach areas in your room, and cleans them more effectively.

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Yeedi K650 Pros and Cons

  • Very effective design.
  • Works well with mobile control.
  • Easily clean the hard-to-reach areas.
  • Has voice notifications for different functions.
  • Some of the models were reported to have problems with setting up the Android app. Many devices could not set up the application properly.

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Roomba 675 Review

Roomba 675 has been designed to keep your house with the minimum hassle on your part. It takes only 3 hours to get fully charged, and you can press a single button to let it begin its work.

The device is not noisy except for a low humming sound and makes a virtual map of the household while cleaning. The sensors are very finely tuned not to crash into anything on the floor or any furniture.

Roomba 675 Features

  • The cleaner can be scheduled for a daily cleaning routine as per your preference.
  • The machine comes with a three-stage cleaning system and dual multi-surface brushes that effectively loosens up all the dirt and debris on the surface, and the vacuum can easily clean it up.
  • The navigation system is very adaptive, and a few rounds of your house is enough for the machine to make sure that no spot is left uncleaned on the floor.
  • The machine runs non-stop for up to 90 minutes before automatically moving and docking itself to the charging port.
  • The smart system can memorize your cleaning habits and routines to offer you the option to choose from its customized schedules.
  • The cleaning head is capable of adjusting itself automatically so that it can clean your carpets as well as it does your hardwood floors.
  • The advanced sensors can keep track of the most trafficked spots in your home and clean them more thoroughly than the others.

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Roomba 675 Pros and Cons

  • The suction power is great and cleans up most of the dirt.
  • The application works well when paired with virtual assistants like Alexa.
  • There is no consistent pattern in its working and it moves around the house haphazardly.
  • The brushes are not that effective for cleaning up pet hairs.

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Difference Between Yeedi K650 and Roomba 675?

Although when it comes to Yeedi K650 and the Roomba 675, they are highly recommended by everyone, you have to choose the one right for yourself.

The major difference between both the cleaners is that Roomba 675 has an adaptive cleaning pattern. This means that after a few rounds, the cleaner can automatically determine the cleaning spots on its own. This feature is missing from Yeedi K650.

Which is Better, Yeedi K650 or Roomba 675?

Yeedi K650 is a better cleaner than the Roomba 675. Despite the adaptive cleaning pattern in Roomba 675, the Yeedi K650 delivers better performance due to its larger dustbin, advanced design, and easy-to-clean filters.

Not to mention the fact that the dual brushes in Yeedi work very effectively for cleaning up pet hairs.