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YABER Y30 vs YABER Y60 Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

There are many reasons why a portable or mini projector can be a better choice than Smart TV.  There are many advantages that you can get from portable projectors, such as you can bring it wherever you go comfortably. So, let’s check YABER Y30 vs YABER Y60.

Yaber Y30 Review


This Yaber 30 is a projector along with an integrated audio amplifier that can display content from video sources up to 300 inches. This projector also includes several connection options. Even the design is very compact, and you can bring it anywhere.

Yaber 30 Features

You should know that connections include a VGA conductor, a 3.5 mm jack, and other great features pack in this device. There are two HDMI connectors, and USB connectors have mounted in the back part of this device. The buttons on the top device will allow you to get set-up and configuration settings along with good tactile feedback. You should know that this projector also has digital zoom features so you can place this device at the distance that you want.

Thanks to its horizontal and vertical keystone correction, aligning the image will be easier if the projector mount is off-center. You should know that this feature is very useful when it is impossible to get a perfect position. It is better to keep the alignment as center and front as possible. You should know that this Y30 has internal stereo speakers, this is good enough for smaller meetings or venues, such as watching a movie in your backyard. There are also many reasons why people love this device.

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Yaber Y30 Pros and Cons

  • You will get 1080p resolution
  • Maintenance-free LED lighting, you do not need to replace bulbs
  • Excellent keystone corrections
  • You want to add backlighting to this remote

YABER Y60 Review


This Yaber Y60 is one of the smallest projectors that you may see. It has a small and square design packed with a lot of features. Even it is no bigger than a book. You can throw it in your pocket and bring it anywhere. It is also perfect for your backyard cinema projector.

Yaber Y60 Features

This device has a native LED resolution of 1280 x 720p with an aspect ratio of 4:3, and it also supports 1080p. It will project from 450” up to 200” with an optimum size of 70 inches. You will find that the display size is bigger than 100” sometimes can distort the output. Inside the box, you will get an HDMI cable, the power lead, AV cable, and remote control. The projector is very compact and nice with dimensions around 6in x 8in.

On the side of the projector, then you will find HDMI, VGA, and USP port along with an AV port, and an audio port as well. You can find some buttons on the top side to change the volume, channels, and change the input sources as well.

There are also other buttons, such as a manual focus, keystone correction button, and the power button. You may not need an external speaker, since there is an onboard 3W stereo sound that is enough for a large room as well.

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YABER Y60 Pros and Cons

  • It is a very compact and light projector
  • You get good sound from 3W speakers
  • It is perfect for home cinema projection, and business needs
  • Adjustment screw may not retreat fully into the housing

Which is Better, YABER Y30 or YABER Y60?

As mentioned before the Yaber Y60 is a capable, and budget home-theater projector for your reference. It may not pack with all high-end cinema features but can do a great job for you. If you consider choosing a compact portable projector for your home entertainment, then Yaber Y30 can be your solution. Here is YABER Y30 vs YABER Y60.