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YABER Y30 vs YABER Y31 Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

The modern style of education and the introduction of an audio-visual approach to office meetings have called for the best projectors to use.

There are varieties of options available and hence best choices depending on the benefits always come in handy to the users.

There is always a requirement for better technology with improvements made in the process of projection or better clarity as well as the quality of the product.

YABER Y30 Review

YABER Y30 comes with the native 1080p resolution where the project uses the best one from the multiple sets of lenses to provide the best resolution.

It has a stereo audio facility with significantly higher brightness compared to the other mini projectors.

The image clarity and color accuracy are provided with an X/Y zoom function reducing the projection size from the same location.

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YABER Y30 Features and Specs

Few features make YABER Y30 stand out among so many mini projectors, which are:

  • The brightness of 7200 lumens and a very high contrast ratio of 8000:1 is observed which provides sharper images. Thus, none of the images are compressed and a higher resolution is obtained with detailed projected pictures.
  • The 4D keystone correction makes the image stable in the rectangular form, with which there is an x/y zoom function that can alter projection size.
  • Better temperature control with a better cooling system on the two sides of the projector keeps the projector from overheating. This reduces the noise in the projector which causes problems in the projected image.
  • The reverse lens and multiple lens design help in better resolution or picture from the projection. The reverse lens system is protected by design which also prevents the formation of scratches on the lens protecting its function.
  • The advanced German light source provides a proper solution to a giant screen with better video quality and there is an added three-year repair and lifetime professional support system.

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YABER Y30 Pros and Cons

  • 4D keystone correction and protection size help project from any distance.
  • The lifetime of the German lamp that acts as the light source for the projector is around 100,000 hours.
  • High contrast and brightness compared to the other mini projectors with pixel size make the projected pictures with four times higher definition.
  • The claim that 7200 lumens are present for brightness is considered false by some users as the brightness did not meet the choices of the users as claimed compared to projects with lesser brightness.

YABER Y31 Review

A wide range view with an advanced in-built sound system is something that makes this mini projector different from all other projectors.

This is the first projector using a one-click brighten function with automated correction of horizontal and vertical projections.

The image clarity is better because of advanced technology improving brightness. It is compatible with multiple devices and provides a very high contrast ratio.

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YABER Y31 Features and Specs

Few features which are improved in this mini projector have made life easier for the users.

  • One-click brightens the function and vertical correction makes the control easier. The remote control makes 4D keystone correction and the zoom function easier without any movement.
  • It provides 1080p native picture quality with an improved 7200 lumens brightness which is way brighter than any other mini projector. But the contrast ratio is the real deal, with about 10000:1 contrast ratio, with the best pixel quality.
  • Intelligent temperature control with a double-sided cooling system with 3 fans working together keeping the machine at its optimal function. A 3W SRS sound system with dual stereo adds to the experience of the users.
  • SmarEco technology so that consumption of the lamp is reduced lasting for about 100,000 hours or more depending on the requirement of brightness or light.
  • A 6-month back warranty is there with a 3-year warranty for repair and a lifetime of professional support.

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YABER Y31 Pros and Cons

  • An advanced cooling system makes the device long-lasting with the additional SmarEco technology for reduced lamp power consumption.
  • It has remote controlled negative zoom function, one-tap brightness function with 4D keystone correction.
  • The contrast of 10000:1 is the most advanced technology for better clarity and with it comes the dual stereo SRS in-built sound system.
  • There is a possible problem observed by many users with blurred images at the corner of the projection, which shows improper focus.

Difference Between YABER Y30 and YABER Y31?

Major differences in YABERY 30 vs YABER Y31 are observed after including advanced technology. The YABER Y31 projector has a better contrast ratio of 10000:1 compared to YABER Y30.

The better technology for less power consumption of lamp in YABER Y31, making the lamp last longer. SRS sound system is present in the YABER Y31 as well which makes the in-built sound system better.

The reverse lens and presence of multiple lenses make YABER30 lenses more scratch-resistant than the YABER Y31 projector.

Which is Better, YABER Y30 or YABER Y31?

YABER Y31 based on the level of technology is way better than Y30. This is because the projector offers a better contrast ratio, an advanced stereo sound system (SRS sound system), better remote control for brightness and zoom, efficient power use by the lamp controlling the temperature of the projector.

All these features are there along with the benefits of YABER Y30, which makes it a better option among the two mini projectors.