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YABER Y30 vs YABER Y21 Review: Pros and Cons

You should know that projectors in general, and portable projectors offer you extra benefits since you can enjoy diagonals of up to 100”. It always depends on the size of your room, wall, and your needs. This article shows you with YABER Y30 vs YABER Y21.

YABER Y30 Review


The first thing that you will notice when you unbox this projector is the lens. The lens is dramatically larger, and it is more obvious than other projectors, the glass lens is protected by the zoom ring to avoid any undue scratches when moving the unit all over.

YABER Y30 Features

You will notice that the lens has a delicate rubber lens as well. The lens will take advantage of an LED lamp, and it has a developing resolution of 1920 x 1080px in a high definition up to 4K definition.

This device also has a power wire, VGA cable. HDMI, and AV cable. There is also distance control by using AA batteries. On the projector itself, you can connect a VGA cable, along with AV, to ports in each unit aspect.

You should know that this Y30 has incredible options for you. The monitor will work from 45 inches to 200 inches, and you can install the projector to the ceiling as well. There are many features that you can get.

This device has horizontal and vertical keystone correction, which means that you will get a very good picture. You can adjust it by using the distant control after your projector has mounted to the ceiling. The keystone correction can be manufactured by employing distant control, and it is pretty accurate.

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YABER Y30 Pros and Cons

  • A great projector distance
  • It has 3W speakers
  • It supports your smartphone
  • Sometimes, you deal with lags when watching video

YABER Y21 Review


This Yaber projector also has optical coating technology and uses the best quality glass lens to get superior light penetration with no visual concentration. The bigger lens means that you will get better image protection. Of course, you can get many features in this package.

Yaber Y21 Features

This Yaber Y21 projector implements an innovative LED light source, a complex manufacturing process, LED light source, and best quality components. With the native resolution of 1080p, 6800 lumens, then this device offers you a large screen with incredible picture quality, the best color reproduction, and precise image detail to enjoy a home theater. One of the biggest functions is providing you with 4D Keystone Correction.

You should know that the total number of projector pixels will decide the native resolution of the projector. The more pixels that you can fit in this display, the image will look more accurate, and sharper. A higher resolution is relevant for home theater projection.

This projector chip includes tens of thousands of reflective lenses, each lens will rotate easily, and show you full HD images. The video projector has a projector scale from 45 inches to 300 inches depending on the distance, and the view distance is up to 10 ft.

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YABER Y21 Pros and Cons

  • This projector has a high resolution
  • It is perfect for a home theater projector
  • It has 5W double speakers
  • SmartEco innovation
  • It may need some upgrades

Which is Better, YABER Y30 or YABER Y21?

You can use Yaber Y30 for business and house theater use, it will fulfill the same capabilities nicely, along with all features that you can get. But, you need to make a self soundbar or sound system for an immersive look.

However, Yaber Y21 may be perfect for home theater use, you still get immersive features. It can be your reference by checking YABER Y30 vs YABER Y21.