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Yaber Y30 vs WiMiUS P20 Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Some projectors become more sophisticated with their new features. Let say they support High Definition, 4D keystone correction, and many more. Yaber Y30 and WiMiUS P20 are two of them. So, which one of the projectors do you have to choose between Yaber Y30 vs WiMiUS P20?

Here, we are about to compare these two projectors by comparing the specifications and features. Then, we also let you know things you will get and you don’t get from these two sophisticated projectors. Learn the specification and features to decide the best one based on your needs. As a result, you get the benefits of the projector maximally.

Yaber Y30 Review

Yaber Y30 is for those who are looking for a projector with a 4D keystone correction function. This projector even becomes the first projector with this feature. This feature allows you to always get a standard rectangle image. The images from this projector are also bright and clear enough. Check the specification and features below to know the capability of this device.

Yaber Y30 Features

Most Yaber Y30 users were amazed by the bright and clear images on the screen. The colors are accurate and it makes the objects look real. Besides the 4D keystone correction function, Yaber also supports Y30 with a remote control to adjust the screen without touching the device or screen.

It also works effectively if you want to install the projector in the ceiling. Imagine that you are about to enjoy a 4K video quality while using this projector due to the 1080P Native resolution. The manufacturer applies the 10000:1 contrast ratio to improve the sharpness and detail of the images.

You can adjust the distance to get the best watching position. The ideal distance of this projector is around 1.5 to 5.5 meters from the screen. This standard is suitable for 45 to 200 inches screens. The ports, including the USB ports, VGA port, and AV port make this projector compatible with a variety of devices.

You can use this projector with a TV box, Amazon Stick TV, Chromecast, PC, laptop, tablet, game consoles, DVD players, and many more. This device is also easy to use with iPad, iPhone, and Android. Indeed, the manufacturer doesn’t forget about the sound.

Yaber uses Hifi stereo sound to support the video quality. As a result, Yaber Y30 seems to be fantastic in its video and audio. Plus, it has an advanced cooling system that controls the temperature if you have to use the projector for a few hours. It means that you can limit the overheating problem.

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Yaber Y30 Pros and Cons

  • This projector supports 4K image quality.
  • This projector is easy to adjust for the best viewing experience.
  • You can use this projector with a variety of popular devices.
  • It is suitable for a home theater set or work.
  • It seems that this projector doesn’t read most audio or video files from peripherals connected to the USB port because of copyright issues.

WiMiUS P20 Review

WiMiUS P20 is a strong competitor for Yaber Y30. Both of them look similar. So, how about if we compare Yaber Y30 vs WiMiUS P20? What can you get from this projector? This detail gives you an overview of the similarities to the Y30 and things you get from WiMiUS P20 that you can’t get from Yaber Y30.

WiMiUS P20 Features

You will have similar features when you compare Yaber Y30 vs WiMiUS P20. This projector produces 4K video quality due to the resolution and contrast ratio. The manufacturer also supports this projector with a keystone correction and zoom function.

Adjusting the size of the image is easy because of this feature. You can also connect this device with other devices, including a PC, laptop, USB stick, Fire TV stick, Ruku Stick, Chromecast, TV box, and smartphones.

Thanks to the several ports, such as USB, HDMI, AV, and VGA that makes this projector is compatible with other devices. The way to connect the devices is also easy to do. You only have to plug the system and start to use both of the devices.

WiMiUS P20 also considers the importance of sound quality to support the video quality. That’s why the manufacturer is using a 10W HiFi stereo sound speaker, along with a low noise system. This combination produces wide treble, precise mid-range, and powerful bass.

The manufacturer even uses the advanced heat dissipation system to reduce noise up to 50%. This feature also affects the sound of the fan. As a result, this projector has two times slower fan noise compared to other native 1080P projectors.

When other projectors use 7200 Lumens, WiMiUS P20 is increasing the Lumens by 20%. This trick improves the brightness of the images that keep your eyes comfortable. The image is even bright when you operate the projector in dark areas. The manufacturer also tries to give a projector that produces more vivid images. The color of the image looks more natural due to the higher color gamut.

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WiMiUS P20 Pros and Cons

  • This projector supports 4K video quality
  • It is quite enough.
  • You can easily adjust the distance to get the best viewing position.
  • This projector is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
  • The manual doesn’t describe that this device is using a removable air filter.
  • It seems better to use this projector in the dark or semi-dark area compared to a bright area.

Difference Between Yaber Y30 and WiMuUS P20

Yaber Y30 has a more sophisticated system, along with its intelligent temperature control and advanced double-sided cooling system. It means that the projector can limit the risk of an overheating problem even if you use it for a few hours.

On the other hand, WiMiUS P20 has a sophisticated fan system. This system makes the projector quiet enough without reducing the performance of the fan. The better the performance of the fan, the more accurate the projector controls its temperature.

The brightness is also a bit different in which Yaber Y30 uses 8500 Lumens brightness. It means that this projector gives over 50% more brightness than others, even WiMiUS P20.

Which is Better, Yaber Y30 or WiMiUS P20?

Yaber Y30 is the winner if you compare it with WiMiUS P20. It is because of a projector with a 4K video quality. The images are also bright enough with the support from the 8500 Lumens. It means that Yaber Y30 is brighter than WiMiUS P20.

Indeed, you can use these projectors in dark and bright areas, but WiMiUS P20 seems to be better in darker areas. In this case, Yaber Y30 is also better because the quality and performance are the same even if you operate it in completely dark or low light areas.

Yaber Y30 gives a real full 1080P projector quality. Indeed, it is hard to compare Yaber Y30 vs WiMiUS P20, but small differences help you to decide the best projector you have to use.