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Yaber V6 vs Yaber Y31 Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Perfect projectors are those which are functional under different sets of conditions. They can be regulated from a single place without the requirement of any movement.

The ideal projector is the one with better contrast and brightness that offers the image optimum clarity and perfection. The quality of projection is important for determining the perfect projector for a specific place.

Yaber V6 Review

Yaber V6 is studded with 7500 lumens of brightness with a high contrast ratio, making the image clarity top-notch with the quality reaching up to 1080p.

Wireless control makes it easier to project images from other devices using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi constantly.

4D-keystone projection is observed with all 4 corners separately adjustable and a very high lamp life of the projector.

It also possesses the power to access data from USB directly making it easier to project-specific files.

Yaber V6 Features

Specifications of the Yaber V6 is dependent on its various function it provides:

  • Higher pixels and a 7500lux brightness make up for the brighter image quality of the projection. The contrast ratio is 10000:1, which makes the picture reach the perfection of 1080p.
  • The 4D keystone function with the zoom control is there to easily shrink and enlarge the image from a single place. All the corners can be specifically adjusted as per requirement and the location of the projection.
  • Bluetooth 5.0, as well as Wi-Fi control of the projector, is possible where the other devices can project in this manner. The direct use of a USB drive is possible with it.
  • The SmarEco technology is intelligent control of the power consumption of a lamp. This efficient use makes the lamp life last for about 100000 hours.
  • There is a long warranty period of 3-year repair and a lifetime of technical help. It is also the smallest and easily portable projector perfect for a different setup.

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Yaber V6 Pros and Cons

  • The picture clarity is 1080p with better brightness and a perfect contrast ratio.
  • Dual SRS stereo speakers with wireless control help in the functioning of the projectors.
  • The LCD projector has intelligent lamp intensity control which makes the lamp last for a longer period of about 1 million hours.
  • According to some users, the 7500 lumens which are given for the brightness of the pictures is not true and it is way less.

Yaber Y31 Review

Yaber Y31 is has a single-click brighten function with a one-click zoom function to increase or even shrink projection size.

The 4D keystone correction, vertical correction as well as very high lumen works on the brightness with the contrast ratio perfect for a resolution of 1080p.

The perfect cooling technology associated with the dual stereo system makes the projector even better.

The intelligent power consumption also increases the time up to which the lamp will remain functional.

Yaber Y31 Features

Several features or characteristics define the function and nature of Yaber Y31, which are:

  • A 4D keystone function is observed with automated vertical correction, a single-click brightness controls the brightness under a specific level of light in the place of projection. Single click restoration and remote-controlled shrinking of the image are added benefits.
  • This projector can connect with different devices through a cable system which acts as the connecting link for the device where the data for projection is present.
  • A very high contrast ratio of 10000:1, with an equally compensated 7200lux brightness, makes the images reach a level of clarity similar to 1080p resolution, way better than 720p.
  • A dedicated dual stereo system (SRS sound system) is present with 3 fans on two sides for cooling.
  • Intelligent control of the lamp usage or illumination by the lamp using SmarEco technology means the power consumption is only based on the requirements of clear projection. This efficient usage lets the lamp stay functioning for almost 100000 hours.
  • A dedicated 3-year repair warranty and a lifetime of all required professional support based on the technology are available for all the buyers of this product.

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Yaber Y31 Pros and Cons

  • The advanced sound system with a cooling system maintains the projector at its optimal function.
  • The intelligent control helps maintain a dedicated level of power consumption as required.
  • Higher contrast, brightness, and better zoom function help control the size of the projected image and the clarity.
  • There are problems associated with focusing and the clarity of the image is affected because of the problems with single-click brightness control.

Difference Between Yaber V6 and Yaber Y31?

The differences between Yaber V6 vs Yaber Y31 show that Yaber V6 has 7500 lumens for the brightness of the projectors.

The clarity of the images projected has a resolution 3 times better than that of pixels for 720p resolution.

The wireless control of the Yaber V6 makes it easier for the projector to function and with that direct USB usage can take place as well.

Which is Better, Yaber V6 or Yaber Y31?

Yaber V6 is better than Yaber Y31 as the wireless control using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 5.0 makes it easier to access using different devices. Thus, the problems of specific wiring to the project are definitely not there.

The direct control makes everything easier to maintain and the portability of the mini structure is easier as well. Better clarity of the picture makes Yaber V6 the perfect choice among the two.