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Yaber V6 vs Yaber Y30 Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Projectors with the best picture clarity are chosen which is easier to handle with the remote control.

The Yaber V6 and Yaber Y30 are both great projectors that can be used at different distances.

The single-click controls of the color contrast, as well as modulators of brightness, makes the technology perfect for any specific person.

YABER V6 Review

Among the very few portable projectors, the lighter ones like V6 are the best to be carried to different locations.

7500 lumens forming the brightness of the projector provide the clarity level and resolution to be maximum.

Wireless control further adds to the benefits and the software can be upgraded online making it a perfect choice.

Yaber V6 Features

Modifications from prior projectors have made Yaber V6 turn out to be filled with many specifications:

  • Wireless projections from different devices using Bluetooth 5.0 technology. This regulation is easier because there is wiring involved which destabilizes the setup.
  • A brightness of level of 7500 lumens and the ideal contrast ratio of the advanced technology of the projectors is 10000:1. With the higher number of pixels the clarity level of the projected picture can reach a level of 1080p.
  • With the four sides of the projected image getting separately adjusted according to requirement, the advanced 4P keystone functions better than the 4D keystone correction technology of the previous projectors. This makes the zoom function user-friendly.
  • The system upgrade can be done online as well as locally, which helps in keeping it updated all the time.
  • Efficient power usage improves the lasting effect of the lamp used in the projector. The lamp keeps lasting for 100000 hours providing the best function.

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Yaber V6 Pros and Cons

  • The intelligent technology of efficient power usage, without compromising the clarity and contrast of the images.
  • The 4P keystone function is advanced with adjustments possible on four sides of projection separately.
  • The wireless connection of other devices with the projector makes the images easier to project from multiple devices.
  • Some users complained about the brightness not reaching the expected 1080p as given from the lumens and resolution of the device.

Yaber Y30 Review

Yaber Y30 has the 4D keystone function added with the coolest x/y zoom function to adjust images from a single place setup.

With a contrast ratio of 8000:1, the projector provides improved resolution up to 720p for the projected images.

Dual stereo with an advanced cooling system makes the projector even better to be used as the cooling system makes it long-lasting.

The SmarEco technology for efficient usage of the lamp is also present making it a really good option.

Yaber Y30 Features

The projector is perfect for daily usage based on the specifications present, which are:

  • A 4D horizontal and vertical correction with an X/Y zoom function is perfect for changing the level of the images. This alteration can be made more or less 50% of the original images formed from the projection.
  • The HD reverse lens design used with multiple lenses in the projector makes it easier to use and it also protects the lens from scratches from any outer source.
  • There are 7200 lumens for brightness function with a contrast ratio of 8000:1 the coloration of the image is perfect with clarity to the level of 720p.
  • An added intelligent system to provide the power supply only according to a requirement to the lamp makes the lamp last really long.
  • The Dual stereo SRS sound system offers a clear sound quality. The cooling system inside the projector makes the internal technology last longer.
  • There is a higher range of viewing distance with a 3-year warranty for repairing and a lifetime warranty of professional help with the projector function.

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Yaber Y30 Pros and Cons

  • The reverse lens technology makes the multi-lens system stays protected from scratches.
  • The cooling system and an advanced system for regulating the power of the lamp to last for 100000 hours.
  • X/Y zoom function with the 4D horizontal and vertical corrections for regulating the zoom by enlarging as well as shrinking.
  • Multiple users are disappointed about the 7200 lumens as claimed because the brightness is not up to the mark and zoom choices are not perfectly regulated.

Difference Between Yaber V6 and Yaber Y30?

Among Yaber V6 vs Yaber Y30, Yaber V6 has a 4P keystone function which is way more advanced than the 4D keystone function. There is a brightness of 7500 lumens and a 10000:1 contrast ratio in Yaber V6.

The 1080p resolution is observed in the images projected by Yaber V6 with the added wireless connection of the other devices with the given projector.

Yaber Y30 has the X/Y zoom function with a cooling system specific for making the projector last longer.

Which is Better, Yaber V6 or Yaber Y30?

Yaber V6 has way more advanced technology as compared to Yaber Y30. This is because the brightness and contrast ratio are better at resolving the image even better.

The wireless connection helps in the proper connection of devices with Yaber V6. This makes the projection easier and better.

The Yaber V6 is smaller and more portable making it way more user-friendly as compared to Yaber Y30, which makes Yaber V6 the best possible choice.