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Yaber V6 vs Yaber Y21 Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Different projectors have different types of technology which include the pixels and the lumens for brightness. Some projectors are perfect for staying at a single place while the other projectors are portable and can be taken to different places.

This machine can be set up in different places making it more convenient as well as user-friendly.

Yaber V6 Review

Yaber V6 is a portable projector with improved brightness and high contrast ratio. The clarity of the image projected is based on the coordinated action of different colors.

The wireless control of the projector makes it easier to remotely control projection in different places.

Efficient lamp usage can help with the optimal function of the lamp to be prolonged. Every single corner of the projected image can be adjusted separately.

Yaber V6 Features

Few ideal characters define the true nature of Yaber V6, which are:

  • Innovative 4-point keystone correction with all 4 sides of the projection can be separately adjusted to get the ideal projection from a specific distance.
  • The Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi system can act as the wireless system for the connection between the devices and the projectors. There is a provision for the direct system involving USB control.
  • The brightness of 7500 lumens and 10000:1 contrast ratio makes the projected image even better with the resolution level reach to 1080p. This determines the picture quality and the clarity of all the images produced even through zoom or shrinking.
  • The smaller structure of the device is better for making the projector portable to different places, which makes it ideal for an outdoor system as well as a home projection setup with dark lighting.
  • Efficient use of the power of the lamp can help to make the lamp stay viable longer for the period of about 100000 hours.

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Yaber V6 Pros and Cons

  • The wireless system acts as the control process between the projector and the devices.
  • The brightness and the contrast ratio are perfect for getting the resolution into 1080p.
  • 4P keystone function offers an advanced zoom facility of the projected images and also a chance of portability.
  • It is not ideal for office spaces because the projector is small and is perfect for home and a dark environment even though it is portable.

Yaber Y21 Review

Yaber Y21 is a projector with an X/Y zoom function added with an optical coating to use multiple layers of the glass lens.

The dual speakers make the projector viable without external speakers with the added lumens for brightness and a contrast ratio of 7000:1.

The cooling system along with the associated warranty makes it easier to maintain the projectors at the state of optimal function. High refraction and low dispersion make the resultant projection even better.

Yaber Y21 Features

Ideal features of Yaber Y21 makes it one of the long-lasting projectors, which includes:

  • The dynamic contrast ratio of 7000:1 with a specific brightness of 7000 lumens is perfect for making the images 720p with the best possible coloration. The highly refractive lens adds to the quality of the projection.
  • HD projection with X/Y zoom function is possible through a remote system from a single location. The clarity of the image is better based on the 6-layered lens that projects the image.
  • An advanced cooling system with 3 fans is provided along with an SRS sound system with dual stereo speakers. The cooling facilitates the functioning of the projector better.
  • The latest SmarEco technology makes the lamp power regulated intelligently. The power used by the lamp is based on the situation of the room where the projectors are placed.
  • The projectors last longer with a warranty period of 3-years for repair and a lifetime facility of getting all the necessary professional information.

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Yaber Y21 Pros and Cons

  • The clarity of the image is improved with a 6-layered and very refractive lens. This helps in the zoom function with HD projection.
  • SRS is a stereo system for better audio with the most advanced double-sided cooling system.
  • SmarEco technology is better for regulating the lamp intensity and making the lamp last for about 78000 hours.
  • There is a problem with the level of brightness provided by the projectors as it is not provided the same level of lamp intensity as expected from the said 7000 lumens.

Difference Between Yaber V6 and Yaber Y21?

Comparing the characteristics of Yaber V6 vs Yaber Y21 it is observed that Yaber V6 has a better system for keystone correction with the wireless transfer of data for projection.

Both contrast and brightness are more advanced in the Yaber V6, but there is a refractive lens present in Yaber Y21, which projects better.

There is an advanced cooling system with an in-built stereo that adorns the Yaber Y21. All the other beneficial characters of V6 are also observed in the Yaber Y21.

Which is Better, Yaber V6 or Yaber Y21?

Based on technology and ease of use the Yaber V6 is way better compared to Yaber Y21. Advanced brightness, contrast, dedicated wireless connection system are just a few extra benefits that it provides.

The most important design which makes Yaber V6 better for personal use is its portability with a simple and small structure.

This makes it ideal to be placed in different locations, but the best choice when it comes to office spaces is Yaber Y21. Both of them are long-lasting and better at efficiently using energy.