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Yaber V2 vs Yaber V6 Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

A projector is a device helping you to display images or videos from a computer or laptop to the screen or wall to produce a bigger display. This tool will integrate the light or optical system to show images. A general projector is usually to do a presentation in the class or office to make it is clear.

However, a projector is for entertainment. Yaber V2 vs Yaber V6 becomes the recommendation of the best projectors to discuss. Those are the advanced projectors for presentation uses.

Which one is better?

You can find it by reading the following explanation of both projectors.

Yaber V2 Review

Yaber V2 is a recommended projector for presentation uses. It has some great specifications making you choose this projector. It adopts an advanced modern German LED light source made of high-quality materials for the manufacturing process. It has higher resolution and brightness so that it can display bright images on the screen.

Yaber V2 Features

This projector has some awesome specifications for encouraging you to buy this projector. You can see those specifications to know how special this projector is.

The Latest Wireless Connection

Yaber V2 supports a connection of Wifi for your android and iOS system. It can reflect films, videos, photos, and games from your smartphones or miscast devices to the big screen freely. With the function of zoom, you can reduce the size of images from 100% to be 75% using a remote without moving a projector.

Innovative SCT Projector Screen

Another specification of Yaber V2 is completed by the SCT screen. This SCT screen adopts the latest innovative converged technology. If it is seen from the front side, the brightness and clearness of the projective screen will see directly up to 25%.

Compatibility Width

This projector wifi Yaber V2 has 1280x720p for original supporting 1920x1080p. The height contras are 7500L with the ratio aspect of 16:9/4:3 in which is brighter and clearer than a similar projector. With some ports, this phone projector is compatible with a TV box, TV Chromecast, Laptop, PC, tablet, fire stick TV, speaker, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Stereo Sound and Cooling System

This Yaber V2 has a double stereo speaker 3W built-in with an SRS sound system giving the loud sound without an external speaker. It updates an advanced cooling system with three vans working together. It adopts a Smarceo technology to minimize the consumption of light to extend the period of light uses for 100.000 hours.

Small Size

This portable projector is very suitable for home entertainment, outdoor events, games, yoga, as well as parties. It gives warranty and repair for three years.

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Yaber V2 Pros and Cons

  • The sound is loud without an external speaker
  • Having a small size
  • Using the latest cooling system
  • The lens cap is only inserted when the focus is screwed
  • It is not working well for grey wall

Yaber V6 Review

Yaber V2 vs Yaber V6 seems to be the right review to select the best one. Yaber V6 is another choice of the recommended projector for presentations. It is wifi and Bluetooth projector adopting a German LED light source with high-quality materials. It is very outstanding for color accuracy and sharp image details.

Yaber V6 Features

You can find out some specifications and features of the Yaber V6 before deciding to choose to buy it.

The Latest Wireless Connection and Bluetooth

Yaber V6 projector supports a wifi connection for a system of android or iOS. It can reflect videos, photos, and games from your smartphone or Miracast devices freely. It has built-in chip Bluetooth with the latest 5.0 level connecting to your Bluetooth speaker wirelessly anytime. It has double stereo Hifi speakers with an SRS sound system giving the amazing sound without an external speaker.

Keystone 4 Points Correction

The huge feature of the Yaber V6 is an innovative Keystone 4 Points Correction. The correction of the 4D keystone is improved. This 4D Keystone is only adjusting the vertical and horizontal directions. Meanwhile, 4P Keystone realizes that 4 image angles can adjust separately and practically. With the function of Zoom, it can reduce the size of images from 100% to 50% using a remote without moving a projector.

USB Feature

It becomes the first LCD projector playing Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF directly from the USB stick and see the projector. The others support text format and need to connect to the projector to laptop or personal computer to project excel, word, and pdf.


Adopting SmarEco technology is used to minimize the consumption of light to extend the usage of light for 100.000 hours. This portable projector is very suitable for entertainment, home films, backyard, yoga, and parties. It includes a carrying bag to store it easily.

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Yaber V6 Pros and Cons

  • The image quality is sharp
  • It is very great for brightness, color, sharpness
  • The sound is loud without an external speaker
  • It doesn’t too cold and hot quickly
  • Screen mirroring through a Yaber V6 is slow but it doesn’t matter.
  • The running fan is noisy during operation

Difference between Yaber V2 and Yaber V6?

After you know some reviews of Yaber V2 vs Yaber V5, you can analyze the difference between both projectors. There seem to be few differences that you can see. The first one is about the size. Yaber V2 is surely smaller than Yaber V6. It tends to be more practical to bring for displaying videos, games, or images.

The display resolution is also different. Yaber V2 has a higher resolution for 1920×1080. Meanwhile, Yaber V6 has 1280×720. Of course, it influences the display result. The hardware interface of Yaber V2 is more complete than Yaber V6. This is the best option for android or smartphone uses.

Which is Better, Yaber V2 or Yaber V6?

Yaber V2 vs Yaber V6 surely offers the best specifications and features to choose from. Both are the best choice of projectors for androids, laptops, and personal computers. Both projectors have some pros and cons. Those also have their specifications and features encouraging the users to deal with both.

Which is better?

Yaber V2 is better to choose when you use it for displaying a picture, videos, and games from laptops, computers, and smartphones. It has a higher resolution so that it displays a bright and sharp display. Though it is smaller, it can produce a loud sound without an external speaker.