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Yaber V10 vs Yaber Y31 Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Finding a perfect projector is more than just easy to install and use. You also have to consider the quality of the images produced by the device. Indeed, the features that support your comfort while using the projector are also important.

Yaber can be one of the options, yet it comes with several versions. Let’s say Yaber V10 vs Yaber Y31 may look similar. You can’t decide the right one unless you know the specifications, features, and performance. Check Yaber V10 and Yaber Y31 review and its comparison below. The result may help you to decide which one of these Yaber projectors you should use.

Yaber V10 Review

Yaber introduces Yaber V10, along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features. These features are good for those who need a wall mount, ceiling mount, or Tripod mount. Users can control this projector without touching it at all. The manufacturer also wants to give a sensation of watching 4K images from this projector, whether users use it at home or office.

Yaber V10 Features

Yaber supports Yaber V10 with a variety of sophisticated features. Let’s say this product has a built-in bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1 chip. This chip can connect to Bluetooth speakers wirelessly and mobile phones as a speaker at any time.

The connection is also stable and fast because of the 5G Wi-Fi. This feature works for transferring videos, photos, and games from smartphones and other devices to the screen. The image quality is also wonderful because of the 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution. It means that users can enjoy the sensation of 4K images on the screen.

Yaber V10 is one of the recommended projectors for those who need to use it outdoors and indoors. Thanks to the 10W Hi-Fi stereo surround dual speakers that keep you enjoying the shows with realistic sounds.

Using this projector for a few hours is not a problem anymore because Yaber equips it with a specific cooling system. It means that the temperature of the projector is stable even after using it for a few hours.

The use of this feature also reduces the noise up to 30 to 40% compared to the ordinary LCD projectors. There is also a double anti-oxidation metal. This feature increases the projection height and makes it easy to hang if you want to put the projector on the ceiling.

Users can’t only use this projector for entertainment but also for working. This projector can launch PPT, Excel, Word, or PDF directly from a USB stick. You only have to plug the USB stick and let the projector transfer the data to the screen.

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Yaber V10 Pros and Cons

  • Yaber V10 uses the latest technology to improve its performance.
  • Easy to use, whether for home or office usages.
  • Users can enjoy 4K image quality, along with realistic sounds.
  • The front leg can’t be adjusted, so users can only mount it.
  • Some users use an external speaker for a better sound experience.

Yaber Y31 Review

You also enjoy 4K image quality using Yaber Y31. Indeed, there are some differences when you compare Yaber V10 vs Yaber Y31. Let’s say you can easily set the brightness of this projector to get the best images on the screen. This projector also has an auto vertical correction feature to adjust the screen in the best position.

Yaber Y31 Features

Yaber also uses 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution on Yaber Y31. It means that users can also enjoy 4K videos on the screen. Users can even easily set the brightness and correct the screen angle as they want for a better watching experience.

This feature helps a lot if you hang the projector on the ceiling. You are also about to enjoy images that are four times higher than 720p because of the 8500L brightness and high dynamic contrast ratio. The watching sensation is perfect because you are not only watching realistic images but also clear sounds.

It is because of the HIFI stereo sound in 3W stereo speakers. You can still enjoy great sound even without using external speakers. Yaber also installs a cooling system to prevent overheating. The cooling system also works quietly, so you are only about to hear the sound of the movie.

This company supports global warming issues by using a technology known as SmartEco. This feature helps to minimize lamp power consumption. Because of this feature, your lamp has a longer lifespan of up to 100.000 hours. Imagine that the performance of the projector and quality of the images remain even when you use it on a 300 inches giant screen.

The ports are suitable for connecting with other devices, including TV Box, Xbox, PC, laptop, Amazon Fire Stick TV, and others. You can even connect this projector with iPad, iPhone, and Android devices. Like Yaber V10, Yaber Y31 is also an indoor and outdoor projector, whether for a home movie set, backyard, games, and parties.

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Yaber Y31 Pros and Cons

  • This projector gives a 4K images quality experience.
  • The sound is also clear enough to get a more realistic sensation.
  • The features are easy to use even for first-time users.
  • It seems there is a minor issue with the brightness of the projector.
  • This projector seems good for entertainment instead of working.

Difference between Yaber V10 and Yaber Y31?

Yaber V10 and Yaber Y31 have several differences, although both of them look similar. Let’s say Yaber Y31 focuses on brightness and is screen adjustable. Users can even adjust it by themselves. On the other hand, Yaber V10 focuses on the quality of the images and sound.

Yaber supports this projector with a high resolution, contrast ratio, and aspect ratio. Yaber V10 seems more suitable for working than Yaber Y31 in which users can easily launch their data in Excel, Word, and PDF.

Yaber V10 also has new brackets to control the temperature and prevent overheating. Yaber Y31 uses simulant fans to stabilize the temperature.

Which is Better, Yaber V10 or Yaber Y31?

Yaber V10 is better than Yaber Y31 because you can use Yaber V10 for entertainment and working. The way to do it is also simple and fast. You only have to plug your USB stick and launch your data on the screen.

The cooling system is also good, so you don’t need to worry about overheating even after using this projector for a few hours. Both of the devices are using the latest SmartEco technology, but Yaber V10 can prolong the lamp lifespan up to 120.000 hours.

It is longer than Yaber Y31 which can only prolong the lamp lifespan up to 100.000 hours. The competition between Yaber V10 vs Yaber Y31 here is good for those who need a multifunction and durable projector.