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Yaber Pro V7 vs Yaber Y31 Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

During this global pandemic that has been lasting for 2 years now, we are forced to restrict our outdoor activities. Going out for entertainment, such as watching movies at movie theatres, is not as easy as before. But do not be worried. You can still enjoy that movie theatre experience by using a projector. There are a lot of projects available in the market, including Yaber Pro 7 and Yaber Y31. These are Bluetooth projectors that are practical.

In this article, we will compare Yaber Pro V7 vs Yaber Y31. Which one is the best for your needs and preferences?

Yaber Pro V7 Review

Yaber Pro V7 is a Bluetooth projector that can project a video or movie onto any wall at your house. This device also allows you to adjust the video size according to the available space, ranging from 50” for small space to 350” for a spacious room.

Yaber Pro V7 Features

One of the key features of the Yaber Pro V7 Bluetooth projector is that it offers real, native 1080p resolution. With such a resolution, you will be able to enjoy more detailed and sharper videos than comparable 720p projectors. This projector also features 9500 L ultra-high brightness, which is high enough for a Bluetooth projector in its class and class. Another key feature of Yaber Pro V7 is the 6D Auto Keystone Correction feature.

This feature allows the device to automatically adjust itself based on tilt and angle. The Bluetooth projector also has a digital zoom function that makes it possible for you to decrease the size of the image by up to 50 percent if necessary. This way, you no longer need to set the size of the image based on the projector distance. Yaber Pro V7 comes with Dual-Band Wi-Fi Mirroring for iOS and Android devices. So, you no longer need to get hassled with cables or wires.

The device also supports other Miracast-enabled devices. Besides, it comes with media streamers, TV boxes, and 2 HDMI inputs for traditional devices, such as gaming consoles. There are also 2 USB ports for plugging in USB drives to play media from or provide power for streaming devices. There is also an AV port for older devices by using an adapter cable as well as a headphone jack. You can also pair the projector with headphones and wireless speakers with Bluetooth 5.1.

Yaber Pro V7 supports many video and audio formats, including MP4, AVI, MKV, AAC, WAV, MP3, M4A, and many more.

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Yaber Pro V7 Pros & Cons

  • It has so many key features, such as 6D Auto Keystone Correction, 9500 L ultra-high brightness, 1080p resolution, and many more.
  • It supports a lot of video and audio formats.
  • With a product dimension of 10.4 inches x 9.8 inches x 3.1 inches, the unit is not large or small either.

Yaber Y31 Review

Yaber Y31 is a compact Bluetooth projector that offers a bunch of brightness at its affordable class. Though it is not a high-end projector, it is still a good option if you are looking for a basic, budget projector. This device is durable, solid, and able to give you a great home theatre experience.

Yaber Y31 Features

The Yaber Y31 is a basic, compact projector that comes with some standard connectivity options. It comes with 2 USB ports, 2 HDMI ports, an AV/VGA port, and a 3.5mm audio jack. When it comes to Yaber Pro V7 vs Yaber Y31, while the Yaber Pro V7 features 6D Auto Keystone Correction, the Yaber Y31 features Digital Keystone Correction. Most projectors in the market provide vertical keystone adjustment, but not many of them provide horizontal adjustment.

This is absolutely a bonus for this projector device, considering that the range is around 40°, compared to other brands that are around 15°. The Yaber Y31 is equipped with an automatic built-in vertical correction, allowing you to enjoy the best viewing experience. It also features an LED light source, which is really bright in any size of the room. Moreover, the LED lamp lifespan is incredibly impressive. According to the manufacturer, the LEDs’ expected life is 100,000 hours.

If this is true, the LED lamps can outlast the overall life of the projector itself. This means you do not need to replace the lamps in the future. Similar to the Yaber Pro V7, the Yaber Y31 also offers 1920 x 1080p resolution as well as supports 4k UHD. Its high brightness can reach up to 7200 lumens. In the box, you will get a Yaber Y31 projector, power cable, HDMI cable, VGA cable, remote control, projector lens cover, 3-in-1 AV cable, 3-in-3 AV cable, and user manual.

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Yaber Y31 Pros & Cons

  • It is easy to set up as well as to use.
  • For a compact projector, it puts out decent audio quality with its 3-watt speakers.
  • It is extremely vibrant and bright with 7200 lumens and long-lasting LED bulbs.
  • The edges of the projector are sometimes blurry, showing some focus problems with the lens. This can be an issue if you rely on subtitles or close captioning.

Differences Between Yaber Pro V7 and Yaber Y31

The Yaber Pro V7 offers more key features than the Yaber Y31. It also comes with more connectivity options compared to the latter. There are also different features equipped in the 2 projectors.

For example, the Yaber Pro V7 features 6D Auto Keystone Correction, the Yaber Y31 features Digital Keystone Correction. While the Yaber Pro V7 has 9500 lumens ultra-high brightness, the Yaber Y31 only has 7200 lumens, though it is already so bright.

Those are the main differences when it comes to Yaber Pro V7 vs Yaber Y31.

Which is Better, Yaber Pro V7 or Yaber Y31?

The answer depends on your needs and preferences. If you need a projector that you can connect to many devices, the Yaber Pro V7 is probably better because it has more connectivity options. But if you only need a baseline projector that can do most jobs, the Yaber Y31 is probably suitable for you. Overall, both projectors are a great option. They are practical and easy to use.