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Yaber Pro V7 vs Yaber V6 Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Yaber has just launched its latest home entertainment projector product, Pro V7. It sparks hot debate whether this latest release is better than its older version, the Yaber V6. Will Yaber Pro V7 be better in specs and features if compared to its predecessor?

Well, it is a tough question since both Pro V7 and V6 have their own strengths and weaknesses. While the Pro V7 is a cutting-edge projector that offers a more accessible projector and great home theater experiences, V6 is stylish and durable. So, which one is better? Here is the guide to Yaber Pro 7 vs Yaber V6 to help you decide.

Yaber Pro V7 Review

Ever since the Yaber brand was upgraded, Pro V7 is the first projector released by the company. Being the upgraded version of Yaber’s home theater projector, three innovative functions are added to the product, much for your pleasure. They are Auto 6D Keystone Correction, 5 GHz/ 2.4 GHz WiFi, and +25% Brightness.

Yaber Pro V7 Features

6D Keystone Correction and 4P/ 4D Keystone

If there is a home theater projector that pioneers 6D Keystone Correction, it would be Yaber Pro V7. The device is the first projector in the market that comes with this 6D automatic calibration technology.

Manual setting is not needed if you use Pro V7 since everything will be automatically adjusted once you turn on the power. This is where the 6D keystone Correction will be very useful. It allows the projector to automatically correct the adjustment once the device undergoes any collision or other unexpected movements.

Basic Smart Engine

Yaber develops this creative projection technology to allow you to have different audio-visual experiences using a home theater projector. Pro V7 becomes the first projection product in the market that is equipped with this Basic Smart Engine. There are 5 different aspects of this technology used to improve the projector’s performance. They are Clarity, Sound Effect, Abundant Color, Brightness, and Immersive Display.

5 GHz/ 2.4 GHz WiFi

This Pro V7 is compatible with a 5 GHz/ 2.4 GHz WiFi dual-band. The device also supports 5G WiFi for smoother transmission of videos and images. Not only that, but Pro V7 also comes with Built-in Bluetooth that supports SRS Sound System. This enables the device to connect with Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headsets, Airpods, and more.

+25% Brightness

The brightness of the projector is 25% higher due to this feature. This Pro V7 also comes with a 12000:1 contrast ratio and 9500L brightness, making it the brightest in the market.

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Yaber Pro V7 Pros and Cons

  • Native 1080P resolution projector
  • Fully automatic technology of 6D Keystone correction
  • Infinity super digital zoom (-50) function
  • 9500L brightness and 12000:1 contrast ratio
  • The speakers included in the package needs you to connect to another sound system

Yaber V6 Review

Speaking about Yaber Pro V7 vs Yaber V6, the latter doesn’t only come with a stylish but also sturdy and compact design. In this way, you will find it easy to carry this device. The projector also comes with a lot of interesting features. Zooming images and ports for multiple connections are just some of the features you can find in the V6.

Yaber V6 Features

Here are some of the interesting features you can find in Yaber V6.

4-Point Keystone Correction

4-Point Keystone Correction is perhaps the biggest feature added in Yaber V6. The feature itself is actually the upgraded version of 4D keystone correction. While 4D Keystone Correction can only be used to adjust horizontal and vertical directions, the upgraded version of the feature can adjust the picture in all directions. In this way, the 4-Point Keystone Correction is more user-friendly and practical.

100000 Hours Lamp Life and Lifetime Professional Support

Yaber V6 offers a longer life if compared to most competitors. The projector is equipped with the latest SmartEco Technology. It can help the users to lower lamp power consumption. In this way, you can prolong the life of the projector’s lamp for 100000 hours at max. Not only that, but the device also offers lifetime professional support and is quite portable.

Latest Wireless Connection and Bluetooth 5.0 Function

Another interesting feature of this Yaber V6 is the newest wireless and Bluetooth 5.0 connections. In this way, you can connect the projection with both Android and iOS systems. The feature will also make it possible for you to mirror videos, games, photos, and movies from your smartphone to the big screen easily. Meanwhile, the built-in Bluetooth of the projection of the device will allow you to connect the speaker wirelessly. As for the speakers included in the package, they support with SRS sound system. In this way, you can enjoy a great sense of the audio experience without using external speakers.

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Yaber V6 Pros and Cons

  • Support WiFi connectivity
  • Offers full HD display
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Enable easily upgrade system
  • Presentation via USB
  • Extra Carrying Bag
  • Not lightweight device
  • The brightness can only be increased up to 9000L
  • Only available in once color option

Difference between Yaber Pro V7 and Yaber V6

The obvious difference between Pro V7 and V6 is the brightness. With the +25% brightness feature added to Pro V7, the projector produces brighter pictures if compared with V6.

In V6, images and videos are enabled by the 4-Point Keystone Correction technology. Meanwhile, Pro V7 is equipped with a 6D Keystone Correction, which makes it more standout than V6.

Not only that, but V7 is currently the only projector that comes with a 350-inch giant screen. In this way, you can enjoy a fantastic visual when watching videos or images on the projector.

Which Is Better, Yaber Pro V7 or Yaber V6?

Deciding which one is better between Yaber Pro V7 vs Yaber V6 will depend on what you need from the projector. If you want to have a home entertainment projector with high-end technology, Yaber Pro V7 can be the better option to take. But, if a standard home theater projection is what you need, you can pick up Yaber V6.

The technology applied will allow you to enjoy a different experience of home entertainment. The latter will also be a great option if you need a portable device. You can easily carry a V6 anywhere. In this way, having entertainment outdoors such as in the backyard will be easier with V6.