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Yaber Pro V7 vs Yaber V10 Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Even though everyone in the family owns a personal smartphone, it does not mean that you want to miss the opportunity to enjoy family time together. Watching entertainment together with your family can be a great way to create a warm memory when you have spare time.

For this purpose, it seems that Bluetooth and WiFi projector can be a meaningful investment for your family. When looking for various kinds of entertainment projectors, Yaber will offer you the product you are looking for since it is not only a pioneer but also a leader in this industry. Yaber Pro V7 vs Yaber V10, which one is better?

Yaber Pro V7 Review

What makes the Yaber Pro V7 so special that makes you have to buy it? You might have this question in your mind. You cannot just choose a product from the brand because you want to know more about its specifications and features.

Yaber Pro V7 Features

Yaber Pro V7 is not just any projector product because it became the pioneer of Auto 6D keystone correction. This product is the first in the market that offers this technology. With this technology, the rectangular image will be a standard once you turn on the power.

The image will be corrected to the standard-setting automatically if there is a collision or movement. Nevertheless, you can still use the manual correction function since it still comes with the 4D keystone correction.

This projector unit comes with BASIC Smart Engine that allows you to enjoy a 25% brighter image than any other 1080p LCD projector in the market. A better visual experience will be ensured by this projector with a 9500 L brightness.

It is not only about the visual experience because this product will also support sound experience. You can just connect it to your audio equipment that comes with the Bluetooth 5.0 function. Furthermore, better sound enjoyment can also be experienced with its cavity-style speaker that will leave a footprint of sound in your ears.

There is no more need to adjust the distance of the projector to get the right screen size. You only need to use a remote control to digital zoom the image. The image can be reduced up to 50% from its original size.

You will get the real 1080p resolution along with a 12000:1 contrast ratio. It means that you can enjoy a full HD picture with a wide color gamut as well as many colors.

The product design is pretty simple with a round and beautiful appearance. You will love it as part of your home decoration. This product is compatible with various devices from TV Box to Android smartphones. It comes with a 3.5mm headphone jack, AV port, two USB ports, and two HDMI ports.

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Yaber Pro V7 Pros and Cons:

  • Great picture quality with a brighter image
  • Ultimate sound experience with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Portable design for a full-size unit
  • A lot of settings to adjust image
  • Wide compatibility
  • Loud noise from the projector fan
  • Poor refresh rate
  • No multidimensional remote control
  • No built-in autofocus function

Yaber V10 Review

Before determining your choice of Yaber Pro V7, you must not forget to study Yaber V10 further. By comparing Yaber Pro V7 vs Yaber V10, you can find a better choice for you. Yaber V10 is offered with various great features as well.

Yaber V10 Features

First things first, you can say goodbye to annoying lagging delays that can be found often when using a WiFi projector. Yaber V10 is supported by advanced 5G WiFi. Compared to other projectors in the market that still have 2.4G WiFi, this unit can offer a three times faster transmission speed.

As for the sound experience, this product comes with 5.1 Bidirectional Bluetooth that allows you to connect the projector with any kind of audio equipment. You can also make it as a speaker when connected with computers or mobile phones. It has 10W Hi-Fi dual speakers with a stereo surround system, after all.

The cooling system of Yaber V10 is very efficient since it comes in three sides. You might be worried about the noise of the cooling system but since it has the latest technology for reducing noise, it has 30-40% lesser noise than other LCD projectors in the market.

This projector comes with USB connectivity but it can offer more than that. After plugging in the USB, you can play the presentation directly. It is also supported with four points digital keystone correction, -50% digital zoom function, dual IR receivers, safety control design.

The visual experience will be supported optimally by this projector since it comes with the real native 1080p resolution, 9500L brightness, and 10000:1 contrast ratio. The BASIC Smart Engine developed by Yaber can ensure you the ultimate audio-visual experience.

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Yaber V10 Pros and Cons:

  • Great brightness and clear image
  • No blurry edges for full-screen focus
  • Responsive remote control
  • More image adjustment options for better color accuracy
  • Digital keystone correction
  • Long-throw distance
  • No option to turn off subtitles when playing a movie directly from a USB

Difference between Yaber Pro V7 and Yaber V10?

The main difference between Yaber Pro V7 and Yaber V10 can be seen from their Wi-Fi connectivity. Yaber V10 has 5G WiFi for faster connectivity that you cannot find from Yaber Pro V7.

However, Yaber Pro V7 is supported with a contrast ratio that can be as high as 12000:1 while Yaber V10 only has a 10000:1 contrast ratio. Yaber Pro V7 also has 6D auto keystone correction along with a 4D keystone correction function. Meanwhile, Yaber V10 only has a 4D keystone correction function.

Which is Better, Yaber Pro V7 or Yaber V10?

Which one is better for your LCD projector? It depends on your preference, after all. If you expect better color for the projected image, Yaber Pro V7 will be a great choice. Nevertheless, Yaber V10 can be your choice when you are looking for a projector with better WiFi connectivity.

Overall, Yaber Pro V7 can be considered better than Yaber V10 since it is also supported with 6D auto keystone correction. Once again, a comparison of Yaber Pro V7 vs Yaber V10 might lead to a better choice for different users. Do not forget your initial purpose for buying an LCD projector!