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XGIMI Halo vs PicoPix Max Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

If you are thinking about buying a new projector for your office or organization, XGIMI Halo and PicoPix Max are recommended. Both of the products are ready to help you with any presentation. Between XGIMI Halo vs. PicoPix Max, which one is better? Let’s read the review below.

XGIMI Halo Review


XGIMI Halo brings out modern design, with the domination of silver and grey. The award-winning design comes in 171.5 x 145 x 113.5 mm, and it weighs only 1.6 kg (3.52 pounds). The projector is made of elegant seamless aluminum.

XGIMI Halo Features

The projector has a 1920 x 1080 display resolution with 600-800 ANSI Lumens – which is outstandingly bright. With the feature, XGIMI Halo becomes one of the brightest portable projectors of all, 200% brighter than most ordinary projectors.

It is completed with Harman Kardon speakers to offer an extraordinary audio-visual experience. With the two 5W speakers, the projector is ready to provide theater-quality sound.

XGIMI Halo has a 17100 mAh built-in battery, which can last for 2 hours of video playtime or up to 8 hours of music playtime. The bulb can last for around 30 thousand hours.

XGIMI Halo is smart, with Android TV 9.0 (upgradeable) and more than 5000 accessible apps. It is undoubtedly suitable for those who need a premium home cinema experience. The projector can match both indoor and outdoor.

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XGIMI Halo Pros and Cons

  • Magnificently quiet, with less sound comes from the fan
  • Clear audio
  • Clear projection
  • Bright and sharp imagery
  • Lightweight
  • Unclear manual
  • Gets hot when it’s set in high brightness
  • No USB type C connection

PicoPix Max Review


Brought by Philips, PicoPix Max comes in at 135.89 x 136.65 x 47.5 mm. On the top, you will find some essential buttons for the Android projector. There is an area at the base that you can use to connect the projector with a tripod. It weighs 4.22 pounds.

PicoPix Max Features

Philips PicoPix Max has a 1920 x 1080 display resolution with an image contrast ratio of 10.000:1. The bulb can last for more than 30 thousand hours, with up to 800 ANSI color lumens. This feature enables you to watch pictures and videos on a vivid display.

Philips Picopix projector review hints that it is a stand-alone projector. The projector has 16GB of internal memory. You can play your favorite films without any handphone or laptop connection.

Although PicoPix Mas has a remote control, you can use the touchpad to control it. The connectivity is versatile, as it can be connected to your devices by using USB Type C, MicroSD, HDMI, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 2.4, and many more. You can install Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and many more.

Need to work on a big screen? Connect your mouse and keyboard to PicoPix Max and access your data with Oxi or Microsoft Office. Worry less about the power since the projector has a 16,500 mAh battery that can last for around three hours of video playtime.

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PicoPix Max Pros and Cons

  • Outstanding autofocus feature
  • Almost no lag
  • Completed with touchpad
  • Crisp image (with vivid display) and bright
  • Various types of connectivity
  • The native speakers are not as good as Harman Kardon

Which is Better, XGIMI Halo or PicoPix Max?

Both of them are portable and wireless so that you can bring them anywhere. The display resolution with up to 800 ANSI Lumens on both projectors provides bright and vivid imagery. Both of the batteries can last for quite a long time, although PicoPix Max can last slightly longer.

So, which one to choose between XGIMI Halo vs. PicoPix Max? Overall, if you want to get a better visual experience, PicoPix Max is more recommended.

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