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XGIMI Halo vs LG PF50KA Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Whether you’re a virtual learner, a Netflix lover, or both, having a reliable projector right at your comfortable home is something that you should consider seriously. In this article, you will go through an objective review of two impressive projectors in the market: XGIMI Halo vs. LG PF50KA. Let’s check this out.

XGIMI Halo Review


XGIMI Halo projector comes in a handy design with a touch of masculinity. It only has a single color, which is true black. It looks entirely compact and convenient to put into your bag without occupying too many spaces.

The use of aluminum at the outer part makes it look premium and seamless altogether.

XGIMI Halo Features

XGIMI Halo specs claim that it can project an accurate 3D visual with 1920 x 1080 resolutions. It also has a native DLP technology that supports the active shutter 3D mode. Alone with this feature, you can expect to play any 4K HD video seamlessly.

Furthermore, it has more than 10.000 autofocus points to assure you that there’s no such thing as a fuzzy image here. You can also put away your doubt about its brightness. It uses 800 ANSI Lumens that correctly get rid of any washed-out colorations.

Another prominent feature of this portable projector is the Harman/Kardon speaker. Indeed, a bright image without a bright sound may seem useless. Therefore, XGIMI has teamed up with the audio virtuoso to bring a theater-grade experience right to your home.

You can also enjoy the upgradable Android TV with this projector. However, you may need to manage your expectations as some of the not pre-installed apps may not work fully well.

One last thing that you ought to know, XGIMI is becoming inclusive in accommodating language diversity. This projector alone embraces 52 languages. Probably the pioneer of such a thing among all of the projectors in today’s market.

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XGIMI Halo Pros and Cons

  • Rich details in any lighting environment
  • Longlast battery
  • Easy to navigate
  • No harm to the eyes
  • Doesn’t have Netflix in the pre-installation
  • Impossible to cast copyrighted content

LG PF50KA Review


If you’re a minimalist who loves to have a clean appearance on any of the devices you have, then you’ll be in love with the design. It looks somewhat conventional, yet having a modern touch. The color is chic and bright white.

On the top part, you can find simple buttons and the autofocus feature.

LG PF50KA Features

LG treats you with an insane Full HD native resolution (1920 x 1080p) through this PF50KA portable projector. Better than that, they have developed a sophisticated feature called XPR or Expanded Pixel Resolution that projects 2.1 million pixels. Sounds fabulous?

Furthermore, the 600 ANSI Lumens support its brightness so you can enjoy the image to the fullest. As a portable projector, it can cast up to a 100″ display. Indeed it’s not bad for this category.

For the hardware interface, the LG projector uses the latest USB Type-C and also Bluetooth that you all get used to it.

Another outstanding feature of this projector is the built-in Lithium battery. LG claims that it can last for 2.5 hours on a single charge. It turns out to be tested and true.

Suppose you love to explore more possibilities for your entertainment. In that case, LG PF50KA specs enable you to access a SMART TV feature on this device. Therefore, be ready to enjoy Netflix and Hulu along with its easy-to-navigate menu.

You don’t need to worry about sound quality. It produces clear and deep audio to complete your binge-watching activity.

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LG PF50KA Pros and Cons

  • Great native resolutions
  • Intuitive on-screen menu
  • Longlast battery life
  • Pre-installed Netflix
  • Unavailable Amazon Prime
  • The remote control is hard to use
  • No zoom feature

Which is Better, XGIMI Halo or LG PF50KA?

It is not very easy to choose which one performs better when comparing XGIMI Halo vs. LG PF50KA. Both have an impressive audiovisual that you can praise. However, if you’re genuinely into the world of Netflix, perhaps LG PF50KA resonates better with you.

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