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XGIMI Elfin vs XGIMI MoGo Pro Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

A projector is not only helpful for students. This device is also useful for employees whose jobs involve projects presenting most of the time. When it comes to projectors, XGIMI is one of the leading brands.

It has 2 popular products, which are XGIMI Elfin vs XGIMI MoGo Pro.

XGIMI Elfin Review

XGIMI Elfin is a compact, solid projector, making it suitable for home use. The brand claims it is a portable projector, but this is not completely true. Since the internal battery is removed, it becomes more and less portable at the same time.

When it comes to picture quality, there are other better options.

Features of XGIMI Elfin

Speaking of features, the XGIMI Elfin comes with a remote that handles all interfaces with the installed Android TV 10.0. The included remote does the job well, though the system can get slightly slow to react to Google Assistant commands. The interface is pretty intuitive.

However, this projector does not support Netflix. Another drawback is that the XGIMI Elfin requires a signed-in Android account before you can use the projector. You have to do so even if you plan to use the projector completely with an external HDMI device.

With its built-in 3W stereo speakers, the projector can handle both video and audio at the same time. Given the compact size, the 3W stereo speakers surprisingly offer impactful audio. They can deliver more than loud enough sounds in a modest living room, say 200 square feet.

Unlike some other XGIMI projectors, the XGIMI Elfin is not powered by any battery. Therefore, you need to keep it plugged in to be able to use it. This is why we cannot say that this projector is portable.

This model displays a good show for a projector for its size. Yet, it does not break any records when it comes to picture quality. Even while maintaining nearly invisible noise levels, the device is capable of displaying a picture at up to 800 ANSI Lumens.

The image can get bright enough to see even with ceiling lights on. So, it is suitable for putting on brighter content, for example, sports or kids’ cartoons.

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XGIMI Elfin Pros and Cons

  • It is solid and compact.
  • It comes with useful, automatic, handy features.
  • The built-in 3W stereo speakers can generate more than loud enough sound.
  • It does not support Netflix.
  • A signed-in Android account is required.

XGIMI MoGo Pro Review

The XGIMI MoGo Pro is effortless to bring, use, and put in place, making it ideal for business professionals and remote workers when traveling. It is a versatile projector that comes in a compact, modern design.

Features of XGIMI MoGo Pro

The XGIMI MoGo Pro is a compact projector that will remind you of that canister used to store tea bags since the design is cylindrical. The projector looks like a polished product, representing a good combination of appearance and function. White and grey dominate this device.

This model is equipped with a 0.23-inch DMD or Digital MicroMirror Display chip. And just like other DMDs, it has a standard resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels, which is full HD. The brand claims that it comes with 300 ANSI Lumens as well as a lamp life of up to 30,000 hours.

The XGIMI MoGo Pro is powered by an Amlogic T950X2 system-on-chip with a Mali-G31 GPU along with 16GB onboard storage and 2GB of RAM. The device uses a 36Whr/10400mAh battery that is powered by a 65W power adaptor.

This model has a firmware update. V2.1.55 is a powerful 722MB file that offers some important improvements, such as the addition of the Bluetooth out function. It features a stock Android TV 9.0 which the company has confirmed will be upgraded when the time is right.

The XGIMI MoGo Pro features a projection ratio of 1.2:1, which means that it will be put on a 76-inch screen at 200cm. It also has a keystone correction of more or less 40 degrees on both axes. The projector delivers an incredible viewing experience. The content displayed looks vivid without being too harsh.

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XGIMI MoGo Pro Pros and Cons

  • It has a great, compact design.
  • It has amazing picture quality.
  • It has a good audio rendition.
  • It delivers a great viewing experience, displaying the content vividly without being too harsh.
  • It does not have any card reader.

Differences Between XGIMI Elfin and XGIMI MoGo Pro

The main difference between XGIMI Elfin vs XGIMI MoGo Pro is their designs. While the XGIMI Elfin looks like ordinary compact projectors, the MoGo Pro comes in a cylindrical shape. The color is also different.

The Elfin is white while the MoGo Pro is dominated by grey. Moreover, the MoGo also provides better quality than the Elfin, vividly displaying the content without being too harsh. Though the latter is fine, it does not break any records.

Which One is Better, XGIMI Elfin or XGIMI MoGo Pro?

Overall, the XGIMI MoGo Pro is better than the Elfin. Especially, in terms of portability and picture quality. The Elfin is less portable since it removes the internal battery. So that you need to keep it plugged in to use the projector.

On the other hand, the MoGo Pro is powered with a battery so that you can charge it, then use it without keeping it plugged in.