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XGIMI Elfin vs XGIMI Halo Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

A projector has been an extremely useful device for decades now, especially during the digital era. Back then, this device was used mostly by students and employees, which they used to present their projects. But now, many people use a projector for a variety of purposes. Some even use it for home uses, such as watching their favorite movies. So, it is not surprising that there are a lot of projector products available in the markets.

Among so many projectors out there, it can be said that XGIMI is one of the most popular ones. In this article, we will compare XGIMI Elfin vs XGIMI Halo.

XGIMI Elfin Review

XGIMI Elfin is a mini, portable projector. Though it is small, it is packed with great features, picture quality, and brightness. The manufacturer ditches the internal battery to make it small. So, this projector is extremely portable, but some users find it unsuitable for on-the-go uses.

Specs and Features of XGIMI Elfin

Since it is a mini projector, XGIMI Elfin weighs under 2 pounds and is 2 inches thick. When it comes to the design, the projector comes in bright visuals with screaming colors. It even comes with surprisingly powerful speakers. Do not worry about getting your presentation disturbed because it works quietly, thanks to all the more rooms given to the speakers. You will not hear any noise from the head though you place it just a couple of feet away from your head.

The XGIMI Elfin projector supports Android TV 10.0, though it has some drawbacks since it lacks built-in support for the Netflix app. The unit includes a remote that handles all interfacing with the installed Android TV 10.0 operating system and it does a good job. However, the system can get slightly slow when reacting to Google Assistant commands. The interface is intuitive enough but still failed to give Netflix support.

Another drawback is that you need an Android account signed in to run the XGIMI Elfin, though you are planning to use it completely with an external HDMI device. Some of you probably find it as an issue. The projector can handle audio and video at the same time because it features 3W built-in stereo speakers. Given its small, compact design, the speakers deliver surprisingly impactful audio. They can get more than loud in a small family room.

Unlike some other XGIMI projectors, the Elfin is not powered with any battery so that you need to keep it plugged in to do your stuff.

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XGIMI Elfin Pros and Cons

  • It is compact and extremely portable thanks to its mini size.
  • It comes in vibrant color.
  • It has incredible built-in speakers.
  • It is lightweight, weighing under 2 pounds.
  • It requires an Android account signed in.
  • It does not support the Netflix app.
  • It is less portable since you need to keep it plugged in.

XGIMI Halo Review

As a portable projector, the XGIMI Halo is probably unbeatable when it comes to features and capabilities. The projector comes in a sleek design. It is compact enough, making it possible for you to bring it in your backpack. It is also stylish enough to feature in your home decor.

Specs and Features of XGIMI Halo

The XGIMI Halo projector raises the standard with its dual 5W speakers, long-lasting battery life, and a capable Android TV operating system. These are more than enough to get the job done. Similar to the XGIMI Elfin, this one also lacks native Netflix support. For those of you who are concerned about designs, you do not have to be worried about the XGIMI Halo. This projector has an elegant design. Though it is made from hard plastics, its shape and color scheme look premium.

It has the grille design wrapping around the sides and front of the projector, making it looks like an art piece of technology. It weighs only 1.6 Kg with a product dimension of 113.5mm x 145mm x 171.5mm. The picture quality of the XGIMI Halo is incredible. When you plug the projector in, it delivers 800 lumens that are bright enough for a dark room while projecting an image upwards of 80 inches. But when you unplug it, it drops to 600 lumens, which is still nice for big images in dark rooms.

The projector is also still nice for outdoor uses, though the streetlights might reduce the visibility. The XGIMI Halo supports automatic vertical keystone adjustment as well as manual control for both vertical and horizontal keystone, up to 40 degrees. It also has a digital zoom to shrink the picture. But the automatic features sometimes shift the focus when you are presenting or watching. And this can be distracting. The projector does not always land on a perfectly in-focus picture.

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XGIMI Halo Pros and Cons

  • It comes with a complete package of capabilities and features.
  • It is portable, compact, and lightweight.
  • It has long battery life.
  • It comes in a sleek, stylish design.
  • It does not support the Netflix app.
  • It has dark scene issues.
  • The automatic features occasionally shift the focus.

Differences Between XGIMI Elfin and XGIMI Halo

There are a few differences between the XGIMI Elfin vs XGIMI Halo. First of all, they are different in the design. The XGIMI Elfin is a lot smaller than XGIMI Halo, yet both of them are portable projectors. The shape of these two projectors is also different. While the XGIMI Elfin features 3W built-in speakers, the XGIMI Halo features dual 5W speakers. Moreover, the XGIMI Elfin does not have any internal batteries while the XGIMI Halo does.

Which One is Better, XGIMI Elfin or XGIMI Halo?

Now we are coming to the core, which one is better between the XGIMI Elfin vs XGIMI Halo?

If you are looking for simplicity, the XGIMI Elfin is better. But overall, the XGIMI Halo is better than the Elfin. The Halo has better speakers than the latter. As it is said before, the XGIMI Halo is equipped with dual 5W built-in speakers while the Elfin only has 3W built-in speakers.