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Wolfbox G840S vs Wolfbox G840H Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

While looking for a dashcam, you will find Wolfbox on the list of popular brands. Wolfbox produces several high-tech dash cams, including Wolfbox G840S and Wolfbox G840H. These two products look similar at a glance, but they are different. Wolfbox G840S vs Wolfbox G840H review below helps to reveal the differences.

Wolfbox G840S Review

Wolfbox G840S is good for car owners who want to park their cars for a few hours. You only have to connect the hardware kit. This device will automatically enter time-lapse mode and record one frame per second.

The videos are clear enough because it uses a 170-degree front and 140-degree rear camera. This wide-angle is not only useful when the car stops but also when driving it. It minimalizes the blind spots for safer driving or reversing.

Wolfbox even supports this device with a smart screen that is easy to split. The design looks straightforward where the camera integrates with the existing mirror. It is good for the aesthetic of the interior. You can also hide the camera to get the videos you want.

The videos are also bright and sharp enough due to the use of full HD 1080p on the front camera and a 6-layer glass lens. Thanks to the sophisticated chip that keeps the performance of the camera to record sharp and bright videos even in low-light environments.

The manufacturer also adds an LCD that can reduce reflection during the day. It is good for those who need to see the detail of the videos. There is also a reversing aid system that will automatically show the rear view on the screen once you shift to the r gear.

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Wolfbox G840S Pros and Cons

  • It consists of a variety of valuable features to record good quality videos.
  • It still produces good quality videos even in low-light areas.
  • This camera easily helps drivers to park their vehicles.
  • It seems there is a minor problem with the GPS sensor.

Wolfbox G480H Review

Wolfbox G480H review here will help you to compare Wolfbox G480S vs Wolfbox G840H. The G480H dash cam is for those who need an easy-to-use device. The manufacturer designs this product with touchscreen technology and applies it to a 12-inch screen. The videos look vivid and sharp enough with the use of a 2.5K lens on the front and a 1080p lens on the rear.

The video quality helps you to see small things or objects in it immediately. Wolfbox uses a sophisticated sensor by Sony to ensure that the video quality remains the same even in low-light environments.

There are also a G-sensor and emergency recording that allow this camera to automatically record and lock the footage once it detects a collision. As a result, you will always get evidence when something bad happens to your vehicle.

This device will also guide you to park your vehicle with the reserving assistance feature. The system will automatically show the rearview once you put the vehicle into reverse. This dash came is easy to install and it works once you install the hardware kit. The system starts to work to record videos with ½ or 5 frames per second for 24 hours while you park the vehicle.

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Wolfbox G480H Pros and Cons

  • This camera has a lot of valuable features.
  • The video quality is nice during the day as well as at night.
  • It helps drivers to park their car, especially while in reverse.
  • Some users have a problem with the rear camera.

Which is Better, Wolfbox G840S or Wolfbox G840H?

In the case of its features, Wolfbox G840H seems to give something more than Wolfbox G840S. You are about to use a touchscreen dash camera with all the sophisticated features. It also has a G-sensor and emergency recording for urgent situations.

You will get the detail you need on the videos even in conditions that are impossible to record. It is a bit hard to decide between Wolfbox G840S vs Wolfbox G840H due to their features, but Wolfbox G840H seems to win the comparison.