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Wacom Intuos CTH690AK vs Wacom Intuos CTH690AB Review

Both Wacom Intuos CTH690AK vs. Wacom Intuos CTH690AB come with an art pack, which makes users can create paintings, design, and creating anything directly from the computer. This is a perfect tool for beginner digital artists. Which one that suits your requirement from both of two? Here are the reviews for you.

Wacom Intuos CTH690AK Review


The medium size design makes this Wacom Intuos CTH690AK perfect for limited desktop surfaces and able to set for right and left-handed users. These are excellent tools for drawing and sketch in anywhere. The active area is 216 X 135 mm.


Wacom Intuos CTH690AK is featured with Intuos Art Pack that includes the Corel Painter Essential software. This is a digital painting software that allows you to have unlimited creativity. The 2048 pressure sensitivity level makes you able to adjust the pressure and create a thickness line from your drawing.

The adjustable pressing sensitivity makes you can create personalize or unique brush effects of your handwriting by pressing the pen and adjust the strength. The nib removal tool is available, and the three pen nibs include in inside the back panel.

The four shortcut Express Keys makes you able to create customization function from the buttons you often use. The multi-touch surface makes you able to use your fingers for navigating, scrolling and zooming, and much more on the tablet surface without using a pen. This will make you ready to work faster and use your feelings on drawing.

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Wacom Intuos CTH690AK Pros and Cons

  • Although in medium size, it is very lightweight
  • The buttons can configure per program as user want
  • Incredible sensitivity
  • The active area is smaller than the overall tablet size; even the size of the model is medium.
  • The pen is not attached to the tablet; users need to keep it well to track the pen

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Wacom Intuos CTH690AB Review


Wacom Intuos CTH690AB is designed with a super slim and lightweight design. The tablet and drawing pen in the art series is an excellent tool to start develop the user’s skill as a digital artist. It has many features that are useful for drawing and sketch digital arts. Wacom Intuos CTH690AB is coming in blue color.


Wacom Intuos CTH690AB is featured with critical functions such as 1024 pressure sensitivity that allows users to adjust their pressure on the surface while drawing. For the bundled software, it has Corel Painter Essential. This is a digital painting software that makes users have unlimited creativity while making drawings and sketches.

In the software, there is an online tutorial that helps users in using the tablet well. It also featured free 8X10 metal photo prints. The driver is available on the CD package, or the user can download and install it from the official website. It is workable with any software; include Adobe, Autodesk, and most Corel program versions.

The other key feature is the 4 Customizable Express Keys function. It is a feature that makes you able to custom favorite buttons and function in fingertips. The tablet can provide the setting of right and left-handed use.

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Wacom Intuos CTH690AB Pros and Cons

  • This tablet supports with a multi-touch gesture that makes users able to work faster by using their fingertips on the surface
  • It is easier for drawing rather than using the mouse
  • It does not bundle with a wireless kit
  • Although it has bundled software, there is still a limitation in the download condition
  • The pen might not fit to use in small areas

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Both Wacom Intuos CTH690AK VS Wacom Intuos CTH690AB is the art series model that is perfect for an excellent tool for the beginner. If you want to buy this tablet and drawing pen, this is a significant investment to buy with bundled software and features offered from the tablet. The easy installation also makes this tablet need to consider as your first list to buy.

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