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Wacom Intuos CTH490AK vs Wacom Intuos CTL490DW Review

Wacom Intuos CTH490AK vs. Wacom Intuos CTL490DW can be an excellent option for you who want to have great tools for drawing in your tablet but small size. With the compact size, it makes you able to draw and sketch anywhere. It is simple to use, and you can easily connect to your desktop or Mac.

Wacom Intuos CTH490AK Review


Wacom Intuos CTH490AK design is small, super slim, cordless-type to painting, designing, and creating directly on the computer. The small active area with only 152X95mm is perfect for saving your desktop space and is available to use with left-hand or right-hand users. The multi-touch surface makes users able to have unlimited creativity.


Wacom Intuos CTH490AK is featured with a battery-free pen that makes you able to create without worrying about recharging the pen. The pressure sensitivity levels pen creates the thickness from the lines drawn depends on how hard push the pen is. The multi-touch gestures feature makes users able to use their fingers for navigating, scrolling, and zoom their artwork on a tablet.

Features with free art package, where it features Corel Painter software, essential drawing, and painting, comes with an online tutorial and 8X10 free metal photo print. The Corel Painter Software helps you to create an illustration, sketches, and design by your tablet.

Users can create shortcuts from favorite buttons /acts such as copy and paste by using four customizable ExpressKeys. Some features are removed from the standard model of drawing tablets from Intuos. There are three nibs included in the back panel and also a nib removal tool in the back.

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Wacom Intuos CTH490AK Pros and Cons

  • Is very easy to install the driver
  • The smooth surface, fragile and lightweight tablet
  • It has a description in the back panel for everything such as pen nibs and cable plus an engraved that makes it user-friendly to use.
  • The back cover is hard to open, and it needs more force to open pry.

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Wacom Intuos CTL490DW Review


Wacom Intuos CTL490DW is small in size, and perfect for the limited desk area. This tablet can be set for left or right-hand uses. Wacom Intuos CTL490DW is an ideal tool for beginner who wants to turn their mouse into drawing pen in the digital sketch. It is easy to use and able to connect with Mac or PC.


Wacom Intuos CTL490DW is featured with a battery-free and pressure sensitivity pen, which can help you to draw lines with the thickness you need the push strength you use. This is an essential art table drawing that comes with a free Draw Pack that includes Art Rage Lite sketching and drawing software; there are tutorials online available and free 8X10 metal photo prints.

The driver is working well with any creative software. The driver CD installation is available, but users are also able to download from websites. The pressure level sensitivity in the pen can adjust which makes users able to create different lines result.

The Express Keys feature makes you able to customize your favorite shortcuts. You can work faster with the customization of functions and features you often use. It has been added with a long USB cable so can connect with a desktop or laptop. The small size makes it available to work anywhere.

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Wacom Intuos CTL490DW Pros and Cons

  • The pen feels good to use in hand, has a stable feel to use the pen.
  • Standing well in desk surface without sliding while drawing in desk
  • It does not come with a wireless mouse
  • There are removed features such as eraser nib
  • The buttons are very flush against the surface and not convenient to press with the thumb when drawing.

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From both Wacom Intuos CTH490AK vs. Wacom Intuos CTL490DW, for a beginner, you can start with Wacom Intuos CTL490DW, and can increase to Wacom Intuos CTH490AK if you need higher requirements. The last one has more top painting software, Corel, which is more advanced software to draw. However, the CTL490DW is also able for professionals and beginners.

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