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Vantrue S1 vs Vantrue N4 Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

A dashcam and rear parking camera could be essential equipment that every vehicle needs today. It is not only for protection but also to help you enjoy your driving time. If you need a reference before buying it, we have a review of Vantrue S1 vs Vantrue N4 for you.

Vantrue S1 Review

S1 model is equipped with a high-resolution lens at 1920x1090p with a 30 fps frame rate. So for the clarity and quality of the image, we can say that it is not questionable. This resolution also means that you will get an FHD video, which is quite rare in this product category.

The lens also has specific settings that allow it to capture a wider angle view than the standard dashcam and parking camera. The dashcam in this package can capture the 170-degree wide-angle. As for the rear camera or parking camera, it has 160 degrees of wide-angle that helps you to park your car much easier in a small space.

The design is quite simple. However, we love how Vantrue uses the discreet concept in this device design. Therefore, it doesn’t stand out, which can obstruct your focus when driving and other people won’t find it easily.

To install this camera device, you need to connect the 20ft camera cable for the rear parking camera. Unfortunately, this product doesn’t have a wireless or Bluetooth function. So, you need to take out the memory card manually if you want to copy the video in this device to this camera device.

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Vantrue S1 Pros & Cons

  • FHD video resolution (1920×1080) at 30 fps,
  • Wide-angle view (170-degree for the front side and 160-degree for the rear side),
  • The discreet design adds more safety value to the device.
  • No wireless feature to copy the video to your device.

Vantrue N4 Review

Now, let’s see the other product in the comparison between Vantrue S1 vs Vantrue N4. The N4 model is the next generation compared to the S1 model. So, we were expecting that we could see the more improved features and performance of this model.

First of all, we love how Vantrue adds a unique three-channel feature to this dashcam. Each of them offers a different wide-angle view. The front camera has a 150-degree view, a 165-degree view for the inside camera, and the rear camera is a 160-degree view.

It is not only the different camera view angles for each camera. It also has different video resolutions at 1440p, 1080p, and 1080p respectively. This feature solves the potential accidents and liability issues.

Moreover, if you activate the front and rear dual recording mode, the camera can provide a higher resolution. The front camera produces 4K resolution (2160p) and the rear camera with FHD resolution (1080p).

It also has other useful features that we think are necessary for a security camera for a vehicle. For example, it has infrared night vision, 24 hours parking mode, and is heat resistant. Those features help you get fully protected in situations you never expected.

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Vantrue N4 Pros & Cons

  • Three-channel camera feature with three different resolution (1440p, 1080p, and 1080p),
  • Wide-angle camera view,
  • Infrared night vision,
  • 4K resolution (2160p) in a dual recording mode,
  • Beautiful and discreet design concept.
  • It doesn’t have Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features,
  • Difficult to install.

Which is Better, Vantrue S1 or Vantrue N4?

The resolution types and the wide-angle view, plus features like night vision and heat resistance, make the Vantrue N4 a better choice than the S1 model. The N4 model is practically offering more features and benefits than that S1 model, which is the reason why we choose it as the winner this time. Now, you know which one is the first choice in our Vantrue S1 vs Vantrue N4 review.