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Vantrue N4 vs Redtiger F7n Review: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Deciding on a dashcam to use is challenging because of the variety of products available on the market. Imagine if you have to compare Vantrue N4 vs Redtiger F7n. You may get confused when deciding on the right dashcam you want to use. The Vantrue N4 and Redtiger F7n review below will help you to get the most appropriate dashcam.

Vantrue N4 Review

Vantrue helps drivers to monitor all angles, even the difficult angles and blink spots through Vantrue N4. The manufacturer even uses three cameras for the front, inside, and rear positions. All cameras can move from 155 to 160 degrees.

Indeed, Vantrue understands that a dashcam should produce brighter and sharper footage. Because of that, this manufacturer supports this device with 4K or 2160-pixel sensors that produce high-quality footage.

It works well for drivers who want to use the footage for specific purposes, such as shreds of evidence or sharing it with others. This dashcam is also easy to install and flexible enough for a variety of vehicles, such as cars, SUVs, Jeeps, and trucks.

How about the performance of this device in dark or low-light areas? Vantrue also anticipates it by installing a sensor by Sony. This sensor has a big aperture on its glass lens. It makes the footage looks brighter and sharper even in dark and low-light areas.

It is the same case if you want to know the condition inside the car. The LED light gives extra lights so the camera can record the situation inside the car clearly and clean even in the dark. Besides personal vehicles, this dashcam is suitable enough for commercial vehicles, such as Uber and taxis. Interestingly, you can’t only use this dashcam while driving but also while parking.

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Vantrue N4 Pros and Cons

  • The 4K resolution is amazing enough to produce bright, sharp, and clear videos.
  • The performance of this dashcam is still great even in dark or low-light areas.
  • You can get footage from all angles.
  • The manufacturer seems to have to revise the installation and its wire connection.

Redtiger F7n Review

You would better not choose Vantrue N4 first before reading the Redtiger F7n review here. It helps you to compare Vantrue N4 vs Redtiger F7n and decide the right one to use. Redtiger F7n also has a smart camera to produce 4K footage.

Unlike Vantrue N4, Redtiger supports its dashcam with a front and rear camera. The front camera uses 3840 x 2160 pixels resolution, whereas the rear camera applies 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution. This feature supports drivers to see anything clear from the camera, including street signs, license plates, and others.

You can also transfer the footage from this dashcam to other platforms immediately. Thanks to the Wi-Fi with a high-speed connection. It helps to transfer videos to your smartphone faster. The manufacturer supports this device with a Ucam app.

This app works effectively if you want to operate specific features, including live preview, playback, and social media sharing. The information you get from this camera is not only in the form of video but also in driving routes, speed, and others.

It is also a great feature, especially if you need pieces of evidence in specific situations, such as accidents. Just like Vantrue N4, you can also use this dashcam to record in low-light or dark areas in crips results.

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Redtiger F7n Pros and Cons

  • It supports you with 4K quality footage.
  • The Wi-Fi connection speed is fast enough to transfer footage right away.
  • It provides more complete crucial information than other traditional dashcams.
  • There is a minor issue with the parking mode.

Which is Better, Vantrue N4 or Redtiger F7n?

So, which dashcam is the winner when comparing Vantrue N4 vs Redtiger F7n?

We choose Vantrue N4 as the winner. One of the reasons is that this dashcam offers three cameras. It means you get more angles, including footage inside the car.

It is the feature that Redtiger F7n doesn’t offer to its users. This dashcam even works in low-light areas because of its high-quality sensor by Sony. Indeed, it is flexible to use and give something you need while driving or parking your vehicle.