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VANKYO V630 vs WiMiUS P28 Design, Features, Pros, and Cons

Having a projector is a great choice if you want to have a very big screen with ease. There are so many choices on the market. And to fulfill your needs make sure that you have some considerations regarding your choice. What we are going to have today is VANKYO V630 vs WiMiUS P28. The two are leading projectors in their types.

When it comes to the type of projectors, there are at least 4 types of them, portable projector, home theater projector, multimedia projector, and also big venue projector.

VANKYO V630 Review


To set up your VANKYO V630, you only have to connect the power cable to the source and position it. For the design of this projector, you will find a large projection lens at the front part of it that becomes the main feature. And if you want to tilt the projector, on the bottom center of the projector, you will find an adjustable front stand.

VANKYO V630 Features

When you compare VANKYO V630 vs WiMiUS P28, you have to see its complete features. VANKYO V630 features Real Native 1080p Full High-Definition. This projector is equipped with a 5000;1 contrast ratio, 1920×1080 resolution, and also 50,000 hours of lamp life. All the features help you to get a brighter image and video which meets all audio-visual great experiences.

This projector also features a huge projection screen whose size is 300″-46″ and the projection distance is from 5.15ft to 30.18ft. Besides, the LED projector brings advanced electronic technology that will help you to automatically adjust the keystone. Its innovative and powerful noise-reducing technology and cooling system cut the noise of the fan.

VANKYO V630 can connect to many devices like X-BOX, TV Stick, PC, PS4, USB sticks, Laptop, PC, Android and iOs devices, and also SD cards. The projector itself has several inputs like SD card, AV, 2*HDMI, VGA, Audio Out Ports, and VGA.

The picture shown from the projector is great since it features 6,000 lumens which are plenty bright with bright colors and deep black or white.

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VANKYO V630 Pros and Cons

  • The compact size.
  • The high-quality image got positive comments from multiple users.
  • Image control options.
  • What devalues this projector is that its internal speakers produce very little sound.
  • You need to add an external speaker to amplify the sound.
  • Noisy cooling fan, but sometimes this could be quieter.

WiMiUS P28 Review


WiMiUS P28 is a smart projector that has four projection modes, rear projection, front projection, rear projection on the ceiling, and front projection on the ceiling.

To support this feature, there will be 4 holes for the ceiling mount in the bottom of the projector. It also has several inputs and outputs that you can connect with several devices.

WiMiUS P28 Features

WiMiUS P28 features 7200 lumens with the One-Key Brighten function. This brightness is 30% brighter than projectors with 6500 lumens. To improve the brightness, you can even use their one-key brighten function that you won’t find on other projectors. By having this function, enjoy high-quality video and image even with a little light.

The projector also brings a True Native 1080p Projector and also a 10000:1 contrast ratio. When you connect the projector to a PC or smartphone, it also can support a 4K video. The contrast ratio will bring the color of the projector to have more color levels which makes it more vivid.

WiMiUS P28 also has dual internal Hi-fi speakers which produce clear, stereo, and loud sound. With this kind of feature, you will not need external speakers to use the projector indoor. And the keystone correction will make the projector suitable for upright and slanting projection. Another great feature you can try is its multiple connections, DVD player, PC, PS4, Chromecast, Fire TV stick, USB, and also smartphones.

Its best cooling system will help your projector to exhaust the heat to lengthen the lifetime of your projector. WiMiUS P28 is great for outdoor and indoor use.

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WiMiUS P28 Pros & Cons

  • High brightness that brings 7200 lumens.
  • One-key brighten function to brighten the image.
  • Great picture color.
  • Dolby supported.
  • Smarter 4D keystone correction.
  • If you are a fan of loud sound, this projector has a problem with low volume.
  • The remote control is a miss or hot.

Which is Better, VANKYO V630 or WiMiUS P28?

If we compare VANKYO V630 vs WiMiUS P28, you will find out that the brightness is quite different, because VANKYO V630 only has 6000 lumens while WiMiUS P28 has 7200 lumens, which is far brighter than the previous one.

Besides, WiMiUS P28 has One-key brighten function which enables you to brighten your image by 500 lumens. This feature is only owned by WiMiUS P28. Its speaker also has more power, which will make it excellent for indoor performance.