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VANKYO LEISURE 3 vs VANKYO V630 Review: Pros and Cons

Having a mini project at your home could be the best solution for your need for entertainment, especially during a pandemic situation. So, we have already made a comparison between VANKYO LEISURE 3 vs VANKYO V630 here. Use it as your reference to choose the mini projector that you need.



VANKYO LEISURE 3 has a simple design with white color as its color theme. The size is also portable, as it is only a handbag big. We love the placement of the control button on the rear area on the top surface. Its analog-style gives it a touch of art.


Previously, it only supported the 480p image projecting quality. The new addition of MStar Advanced Color Engine boosts its projecting quality. Now, you can leisurely watch a 1080p resolution projected from this device. Plus, the LED lighting also got some tweaks, which improves the lighting power for a better viewing experience.

Thanks to the improvement, you can watch a movie, TV series, or playing a video game for the better and a wider screen in your room. it will give you much more fun and different experiences than using the TV or other monitor for that usage.

As for the screen size, this projector can project a clear 1080p on a 32 x 170 inches screen from the 4.9 ft to 16.4 ft of distance. However, for the best viewing experience, try to use it at a 6.5 ft distance from the screen.

The noisy fan also has been improved using the new innovative cooling system that disperses heat and suppresses the noise.  The only flaw maybe is the design that looks ordinary.

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  • 1080p resolution image projecting quality.
  • Advanced LED Lighting system.
  • Wider screen projection size.
  • New cooling system.
  • Better noise suppression technology.
  • The design looks very ordinary.

VANKYO V630 Review


This mini projector uses a similar white theme design to the LEISURE 3 mini projector. However, we like this mini projector’s design more because of the beautiful addition of the grey color speaker cover on the front side. It gives a balanced and stunning appearance, which complements the modern style it has.

VANKYO V630 Features

The LED lighting system in this mini projector provides a brighter lighting quality than other projectors. Furthermore, the lamp life, thanks to the LED lamp, can last for 50,000 hours.

It also supports the mega projection screen. You can make it projecting an image on the 300 inches screen, and it won’t lose its quality. Furthermore, it also can project the 1080p resolution image, which gives you other advantages over other projectors. The color and detail of the image also are very high. It is a perfect choice for you who are looking for an HD mini projector.

The only flaw we found maybe is the frame rate stability. Sometimes, we found lag or hiccup during the projecting time. You can feel it more when you watch the video that displays high-speed movement, such as a sports match or race. It disturbs our pleasure to watch the video that we like. But, if you don’t mind this problem, you can still get it for HD resolution quality projection image.

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VANKYO V630 Pros & Cons

  • 1080p resolution image projecting quality.
  • Long-lasting LED lighting system.
  • 300-inch screen projection size.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Frame rate problem during high-speed movement video.

Which is Better, VANKYO LEISURE 3 or VANKYO V630?

Our choice is VANKYO LEISURE 3. Even though its appearance is not as beautiful as VANKYO V630, we love the fact that we can enjoy smooth without hiccup video. Now, you already know the winner between VANKYO LEISURE 3 vs VANKYO V630. Get the mini projector that you want to buy.