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VANKYO Leisure 3 vs VANKYO Leisure 460 Review: Pros and Cons

Nowadays, mini or portable projectors have become more popular and familiar with the business community. You should know that these portable projectors range in types and quality, along with different brands that you can choose from. You can check VANKYO LEISURE 3 vs VANKYO Leisure 460 below as your best reference.



This Vankyo Leisure 3 shows you a minimalist design. Although there are some special features that you will appreciate, this device is very compact and tony. The lens is covered with a rubber cap, and the keystone, focus, and control buttons have located on the top of the device. You can choose it based on your need.

Vankyo Leisure 3 Features

You should know that the original resolution of this device is only 800 x 480, but it can deliver content up to 1080p. Interestingly, the web page also includes the conceptual illustration of the difference in resolution between 720p and 1080p.

Another feature that you will get is the ability to feel the screen in different sizes, from 32 to 180 inches diagonally. Keep in mind that this lens does not have a zoom feature, so the image size was controlled by the distance from the projector to your screen.

As mentioned before, there are some controls at the top of the device, such as keystone correction, lens focus, but there is no zoom feature. This portable also offers you built-in speakers, each of them powered by 2 watts.

The correction also helps you to soften the image as well. There is also a 3.5 mm headphone output to allow you to connect this device to external speakers, Even the projector can send the audio wirelessly through Bluetooth speakers as well.

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VANKYO LEISURE 3 Pros and Cons

  • A higher native resolution
  • Longer lamp life
  • Better contrast
  • Higher brightness
  • There is no zoom feature

VANKYO Leisure 460 Review


This Vankyo Leisure 460 is part of 400-series models. Sometimes you may wonder whether this product is better than the previous models. It is better to know whether this model fits your needs. There are many great things that you will get here as well. The design is very compact and minimalist.

Vankyo Leisure 460 Features

You should know that the resolution rating is necessary to decide how sharp a projector image can show you. You have to be careful when reading the specification since all you should know is the Native Resolution. This feature is the resolution that you will see on your projector screen or wall. This device has a native resolution of 1280 x 720. This model also has a brightness of 4000 Lux which is better than previous models. You can enjoy a brighter image/

Of course, you can start with one of the most popular ports, such as HDMI. HDMI is what you will use to connect with your modern game consoles, Apple TV, Blu-ray players, Roku Boxes, and so on. Most modern devices will use it so there will be swapping between your cables. If you are a person who loves older tech such as DVD players, VCRs. then you are in luck since this device has an AV port as well.

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VANKYO Leisure 460 Pros and Cons

  • A good projector distance
  • LED lamp life
  • A higher native resolution
  • Various types of media devices
  • It only has one port on the projector

Which is Better, VANKYO LEISURE 3 or VANKYO Leisure 460?

The Vankyo Leisure 3 projector is a great device for its usability and functionality. It includes remote, video cables, and a carrying bag. It will be a good option for different types of people.

Then Vankyo Leisure 460 has better improvements compared to previous models, with all connectivity options. So, you can check this VANKYO LEISURE 3 vs VANKYO Leisure 460 review first.