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Synology RS818+ vs Synology RS818RP+ Review: Pros and Cons

Mainly manufactured for small and medium businesses, both Synology RS818+ vs. Synology RS818RP+ are two excellent choices. These two devices come with a quad-core processor, scalable storage, AES-NI hardware encryption engine, and outstanding performances. They are designed to protect critical assets, centralize data backup, and also share files across various platforms.

Synology RS818+ Review


A scalable storage server with high speed, Synology RS818+ comes with a compact design that isn’t too hard to be placed in various places inside the location.

This excellent storage solution has an essential black color shade like most other hardware, which makes it a neutral choice in terms of design.


What’s the main feature offered by Synology RS818+? Let’s start with the feature, which makes this device the next generation for storage efficiency. The Btrfs file system this device provided is among the main features.

It brings the most advanced technology is the storage system to meet the modern business’ management needs. Its overall stability is improved by the built-in data integrity, which works to detect any file and data system corruption.

Users can enjoy comprehensive quota control over any shared folders, and all users account thanks to the flexible user quota/shared folder system. It is possible to allow 1.024 copies backups within only 5 minutes internal due to the existence of advanced snapshot technology without having to occupy an extensive system and storage capacity resources.

To restore a specific folder or file, users don’t have to spend too much time thanks to the newest technology powering the folder-level data restoration. Moreover, easy integration is also supported thanks to LDAP and Windows AD support.

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Synology RS818+ Pros and Cons

  • Small and medium business use
  • Media center support
  • Office applications
  • CRM and CMS systems
  • Snapshot and BTRFS support
  • iTunes server
  • SAS drive support
  • Lite/medium virtualization
  • Older CPU
  • Only include two camera licenses
  • Lacks HDMI
  • More than 4 VMS

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Synology RS818RP+ Review


The sibling, Synology RS818RP+, offers a similar variety of features and performances. As for the design, it is also similarly characterized by a compact design and boxy shape.

Despite the standard design, this product does come with good quality built-in and performance.


This particular device comes with Quad-Core Processor C2538 2.4 GHz Intel Atom that allows multiple simultaneous functions.

  1. Scalable and robust storage solution thanks to powerful quad-core processor completed with, 4GB LAN ports, optional 10GbE network adapter, and AES-NI hardware encryption engine. As a result, the scalable storage solution is stable for various functions
  2. Speedier performance supported by memory and network upgrades
  3. Excellent service reliability thanks to 4Gigabit LAN ports supporting the failover and Link Aggregation. It also provides a reliable passive/active server cluster to keep services and data online
  4. A BTRFS file system with the newest storage technology to fulfill the modern large scale business need
  5. Snapshot replication for storing data that can be scheduled. The replication can reach up to 65.000 system-wide snapshots and 1024 shared folder backups
  6. Flexible user quota system and shared folder with quota control on almost all shared folders and user accounts
  7. Automatic file self-healing to both detect and recover any corrupted files

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Synology RS818RP+ Pros and Cons

  • Fast NAS read rates
  • 10GbE expansions options
  • Good value
  • Great DSM backup apps
  • Superb cloud support
  • Low NAS write speed
  • Old CPU that is the same as in RS815+

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With two different options for robust storage solutions, both Synology RS818+ and Synology RS818RP+ offer almost similar powerful features and performances. Only the difference is the slightly faster NAS rate speed in Synology RS818RP+.

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