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Synology RS815+ vs Synology RS815RP+ Review: Pros and Cons

The comparison between Synology RS815+ vs. Synology RS815RP+ is frequently made by many people. Two of them are great NAS products from Synology, and both of them deliver high performance for saving important files, storing and serving multimedia files, and also performing automated backups. Below is the comparison between the two of them.

Synology RS815+ Review

Let’s begin the comparison between Synology RS815+ vs. Synology RS815RP+ by talking about Synology RS815+ first.


The design of the Synology RS815+is is very sleek. The dimension of the NAS is approximately 18 x 17 x 2 inches. The most common color variation of the NAS is metallic black. As seen from the design, the NAS looks sophisticated and advanced. The sleekness of the design makes it easier for the NAS to be placed anywhere, even in tight spaces.


There are many great features embodied in this Network Attached Storage from Synology. First of all, the 4-Bay NAS has an expandable RAM module. It makes the users of this NAS capable to expand the RAM up to 6GB, allowing the more secure and faster performance of the NAS.

Second, the NAS has a quad-core CPU with a strong hardware encryption engine of AES-NI, allowing the NAS to bring excellent data encryption speed. Last but not least, the NAS is completed by four built-in Gigabit LAN ports so that it is perfect for any data backups and also for protecting and sharing valuable files.

Buying the Synology RS815+ NAS is also a great decision because it is completed by 3-year limited warranty so that if something goes wrong with the NAS, the owner can claim the warranty and get the NAS repaired or replaced. This is the reason why the NAS is considered to be one of the best of its kind.

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Synology RS815+ Pros and Cons

  • Sleek design, only 18 x 17 x 2 inches, making the NAS space-friendly
  • Expandable RAM module up to 6 GB
  • Quad-Core CPU, allowing faster and more reliable performance
  • Has 3-year limited warranty
  • Mostly available in metallic black color, other color variations are quite hard to find.

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Synology RS815RP+ Review

Synology RS815RP+ is the slightly more advanced version of Synology RS815+. Seen at a glance, there are no massive differences between this version of NAS and its predecessor.


Compared to its predecessor, the model of Synology RS815RP+ is almost the same. It has a sleek and boxy design. The Synology RS815RP+ is slightly longer compared to the previous version.

The overall dimension is approximately 23 x 17 x 2 inches. The exterior of the NAS is dominated by metallic gray color and several buttons for some functions.


The main differences between this NAS and the previous NAS up above are that the Synology Rack Station RS815RP+ NAS has redundant power supplies, ensuring that it will have better service uptime. Besides that, it also has an all-new quad-core CPU combined with AES-NI hardware as the encryption engine.

With all those powerful tools inside the NAS, the NAS is surely capable of delivering excellent performance and reliable data encryption speed. Other features of the NAS are including an expandable RAM module up to 6 GB, faster and more reliable SSD read/write functions, and also the availability of the built-in type of Gigabit LAN ports as well as some capacity to change the size of up to 8 drives.

All features in the NAS, making it perfect to be used as data centralization. Storing and serving data will be done quite quickly with the NAS. Just like its predecessor, the NAS also has a 3-year limited warranty to make sure the users of the NAS get only the best.

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Synology RS815RP+ Pros and Cons

  • Redundant Power Supplies available
  • Expandable RAM module up to 6 GB
  • All-New Quad-Core CPU with AES-NI hardware
  • Has 3-year limited warranty
  • Slightly longer than the Synology RS815+.

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The comparison between Synology RS815+ vs. Synology RS815RP+ is useless because both of them are almost the same. However, the Synology RS815RP+ is indeed slightly more advanced because of its Redundant Power Supplies. If this feature matters, then the Synology RS815RP+ is the better one.

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