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Synology NVR1218 vs Synology NVR216 Review: Pros and Cons

Network Attached Storage (NAS) is now an excellent solution to save the file in big capacities. Well, if the hard disk may be limited, NAS is not like that. Thanks for its ability to connect to the internet. One of the producers that provide NAS is Synology. This brand even has released some series including Synology NVR1218 and Synology NVR216.

Synology NVR1218 Review


This series from Synology is still focused on compact and straightforward design alongside black matte color. The dimension is small enough; it is 8.9×3.9×6.5 inches with a weight of 2 pounds. This makes Synology a little bit heavier, although still flexible. More than that, it has a series of indicator lights as well as some USB ports.


Synology NVR1218 is equipped with some features. There is a Standalone surveillance solution that is equipped with the 1080 HDMI output. Meanwhile, for office and business necessities, this NAS is appropriate as well as the availability of Point of Sale or POS system support that is functioned to connect the surveillance recording and the business transaction records.

For you who want to connect the camera to this device, you should not worry since this series makes it available by providing four camera licenses. The licenses can support 12 cameras. Meanwhile, the on-the-go surveillance is also added to support the mobile apps as well as there is a storage capacity of up to 7 HDDs along with DX517.

You must not worry since this series is also linked to the Cloud system to make sure that your data is safe and secure. Aside from that, you can also enjoy some other features, including connecting it to other devices like Smart TV and Chromecast.

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Synology NVR1218 Pros and Cons

  • Big capacity
  • Suitable for office and business device
  • High speed for good performance
  • Able to be connected to devices, including mobile phones and Smart TV.
  • It is quite heavy

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Synology NVR216 Review


The series from Synology seem similar from one to another in term design. The color is also common in black matte including Synology NVR1218. Meanwhile, the dimension is 3.94×8.88×6.5 inches with a weight of 2 pounds. Compared to other series, this one is categorized as heavy although still flexible and movable.


First of all, this series from Synology is equipped with the 1080p HDMI output to enable you to do more comprehensive interactive monitoring. Meanwhile, it makes available for channels configuration in 4 or 9. For the beginner, you should be happy with this NAS since it is designed to ease the users while utilizing it. More than that, it is quite easy to deploy, as well.

The NAS is also featured in the expandable storage capacity which is up to 4 HDD with DX213. Next, there is a small footprint NVR that can run continuously for 24 hours and seven days as long as it is below 15 W.

In terms of connectivity to other devices, Synology NVR216 is excellent as well as it can also feature mobile apps surveillance including the Smartphone. The Cloud system is provided to protect and backup the files in easy ways.

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Synology NVR216 Pros and Cons

  • Suitable for business necessities for big capacities
  • The ability of this NAS to be connected to other devices even mobile phone
  • Faster performance.
  • It is quite heavy

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It is not easy to decide which the best of these two devices is since they are considered as a twin. However, by analyzing the features available, it is concluded that Synology NVR1218 is slightly better for the availability of camera licenses. Meanwhile, Synology NVR216 is better for the beginner since it is quite easy to use.

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