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Synology DX517 vs Synology DX513 Review Comparison

On the table are two Synology products, the Synology DX517, and Synology DX513. How interesting do you think of Synology DX517 vs. Synology DX513?

They are pretty similar, but still, they also have differences that affect the final choice you make. Check out how cool they are as functional high-end devices.

Synology DX517 Review

Let’s starts with its pro. Its design uses the same chassis design as on other previous NAS units. So it is pretty much identical to its predecessor when it comes to design. But there is one slight difference in its switch. The previous unit uses old eSATA connections while the newer one uses new external SAS connectors.

Features of this unit may lack a discernible memory and CPU. In another word, its only flexible feature is the storage that can be added. Other than that, there are no special features. As for its performance, it performs pretty well, just like the NAS.

Today, it offers a more stable storage array by upgrading it from SATA to SAS for its connection method. In case you want to expand its storage, it is an excellent idea for a great solution.

Quickly said, Synology DX517 is considered a flexible solution that serves as a local backup destination and supports volume expansion on the fly. It isn’t difficult to add the additional drive bays. As for its online volume expansion, it should be managed from the DiskStation Manager.

Then, the additional bays will be ready for use. Meanwhile, the on-the-fly volume expansion is necessary to make sure that the services and storage on the host will not be interrupted during volume expansion.

This device also allows easy drive replacement and installation without having to power down the system thanks to its hot-swappable drive trays. And, it is available as a dedicated local backup solution to the local hard disk when system failure happens.

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Synology DX513 Review

Synology DX513 is the new 5-bay expansion unit that provides an easy and quick storage expansion solution with a hot-swappable drive design for power users and business reasons.

When the Synology DiskStation reaches its maximum capacity, this device comes and gives the immediate solution through scaling up the storage allowance via the additional five bays.

Without having to reformat the existing hard drives, the DiskStation can perform the RAID volume expansion. This way, there will be continuous service uptime throughout the process of storage expansion for paired DiskStation.

And, it also is an excellent choice for an alternative local backup solution for paired DiskStation when it is created as an independent volume. It always makes sure its reliability through its unique connector design via eSATA cable.

3.0 Gb/sec is its maximum throughput that allows the device to operate with DiskStation being one single unit coherently. Just like its DiskStation, it is designed using the same concept of energy efficiency with support from the system hibernation modes and hard drive which is configurable for automatic operation in case of an inactive system for a certain period. And, it doesn’t require any user intervention to keep the efficient and intelligent system running.

In case of hard drive capacity runs out, this device gives an easy way to scale capacity by adding five more hard drives. Meanwhile, the RAID volume is expandable, and to do this; doesn’t require reformatting the existing hard drive.

This way, the Synology DiskStation can continue working its service during the expansion of capacity. Among its best highlights are a dedicated local backup solution, online volume expansion, reliable plug and use design, auto power on and off, the hot-swappable HDD design.

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The Synology DX517 is a great choice thanks to its new external SAS connectors for a reliable local backup solution while Synology DX513 is known for its quick storage expansion. So, each device has its best features. Your choice is a matter of priority on which one should be purchased.

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