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Synology DS920+ vs Asustor AS6604T Review: Pros, Cons, and Verdict

Synology and Asustor have always become one of the recommended choices for the NAS data storage device brand. Both of them are well-known and experienced in this category. For that reason, we have the comparison review between Synology DS920+ vs Asustor AS6604T below that you can use as a reference.

We choose those two products because they have similar performance and features. Therefore, it will be fun to compare and find which one is the better choice for you. Now, let’s start with the first product by Synology, the NAS DiskStation DS920+, one of their flagships in this product category.

Synology DS920+ Review

Synology DS920+ emphasizes its simple and minimalist design with various functions and, especially, safety features. We think that Synology tries to aim, not only business or company with this data storage. This company tries to widen its target market to reach various customers, which is a good decision for marketing.

Synology DS920+ Features

The core feature of this data storage is the cache technology that Synology has put inside DS920+. They optimize its performance by using two built-in M.2 2280 NVMe SSD slots and Synology SSD Cache technology. Thanks to those two features, it improves the boosting system I/O, application performance, and, more importantly, you can easily expand its storage with Synology DX517.

For its performance, Synology uses a high-speed CPU. Inside this device, you can find the Quad-core processor with 2.0GHz of speed that you can increase to 2.7GHz. With this high specification, you will get at least 225 MB/s of writing and reading speed.

The RAM size maybe be a bit small, which is only 2 GB of DDR4 RAM. However, those specs are enough for the speed and power you can use, to run this data storage device without any problem. Moreover, the RAM is also removable, which lets you upgrade it to up to 6 GB.

Last but not least, Synology also adds various extra features you can enjoy. For example, you can use a backup service from Synology to protect your data from any data loss problem. Furthermore, they also provide a 24/7 smart security solution if you want to use this data storage to save your security camera recorded video.

Unfortunately, you don’t get the hard drive on this product. Synology sold the DS920+ as a diskless data storage device. Therefore, you should prepare the hard drive and install it on this device to start using it.

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Synology DS920+ Pros & Cons

  • Latest NVMe SSD Slot,
  • Expandable hard drive,
  • Quad-core processor with 2.0GHz of speed,
  • Backup service and 24/7 smart security solution,
  • Upgradeable RAM to up to 6 GB (from 2 GB).
  • It doesn’t have various LAN connections,
  • Hard drives not included,
  • It is the most compatible with only Synology DX517 drive.

Asustor AS6604T Review

You can’t leave the Asustor brand out of your discussion about NAS data storage and technology solutions. They have been around for a decade and released various data storage that has satisfying performance and specifications. In this review, let’s see more about what the AS6604T data storage has for you.

Asustor AS6604T Features

The core specification is pretty much satisfying with the 2.0 GHz Quad-Core processor. Supported by its 4GB DDR4 Ram, which is also upgradeable, you can get a smooth and powerful performance from this device. Furthermore, it also has two built-in 2.5 GB Ethernet ports and three 3.2 USB ports to accommodate the connectivity needs and caching process.

The processor itself is one of the latest processors by Intel. It is the Intel Celeron J4125 (Gemini Lake) with four cores. This process can increase the processing speed up to 30% more than the previous Apollo Lake processor, plus it has an on-chip cache that can reach 4MB, which makes it the fastest processor you can find for a NAS device.

The two 2.5 GB Ethernet ports in this data storage device also affect the connection speed during data transfer. With that feature, you can improve its connection speed and performance up to 150% of its initial condition. Moreover, you also can use the Link Aggregation feature to boost it even further.

For your data safety, Asustor provides the Asustor Backup Plan that you can use to periodically backup your data. You can use it directly from your PC or Mac because of the Asustor EZ-Connect application that you can get on this NAS device.
Unfortunately, this product is also one of the diskless NAS devices. Therefore, before using it, make sure you prepare the hard drives (at least 10 TB). Install it then you are ready to use this NAS device.

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Asustor AS6604T Pros & Cons

  • Intel Celeron J4125 (Gemini Lake) Quad-Core processor,
  • Two built-in 2.5 GB Ethernet ports and three 3.2 USB ports,
  • Asustor Backup Plan with Asustor EZ-Connect application,
  • Beautiful and compact case design.
  • The hard drives not included,
  • No PCIe slot for various connection purposes,
  • A frequent problem with the security camera connection.

Difference between Synology DS920+ and Asustor AS6604T?

The core performance is somehow different. Synology adds a high-quality processor for supporting its performance and the extra features, such as M.2 2280 NVMe SSD slots and Synology SSD Cache technology. That combination of high-spec features makes its device work much faster than the Asustor NAS data storage device.

On the other hand, Asustor provides a service for data backup purposes, which has a better system and organization than Synology. It helps you a lot when you have no time to backup your data. This service also can protect your data when you use it a lot during your business.

Which is Better, Synology DS920+ or Asustor AS6604T?

One of the essential elements of a NAS data storage device is speed and performance. And, by looking at the core component between Synology DS920+ vs Asustor AS6604T, we can see that Synology did a better job than Asustor. Therefore, we choose DS920+ as the winner in this review.

Even though Synology doesn’t have supporting service as Asustor do, we believe for business purpose, Synology data storage device is the choice. Now, you can compare it with other products or buy it directly and use this NAS data storage device in your business. So, are you ready to get one?