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Synology DS918+ vs Synology DS916+ Review Comparison

Synology DS918+ vs. Synology DS916+ is a storage medium that should be bought by entrepreneurs. If you are an entrepreneur, then you know that file security is essential to your company. Companies with any scale need the right device to store files. The file can be moved and accessed using other media devices.

Synology DS918+ Review

Synology DS918+ is a device designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Small businesses require devices with simple technology to store files. The market does not require technology that is too sophisticated because small companies still do not need it. Small and medium-scale enterprises will face a crisis to choose storage media.

If you choose the wrong storage media for your business, then you can experience things that are detrimental to the future of your business. Maybe you are looking at storage media with many advanced features in the market, but you should have a reason to buy the device. If you purchase advanced storage media and you do not need the technology, then the purchase is the wrong decision.

Synology DS918+ has found the right destination. The company is indeed designing this device to store files on small and medium businesses. This NAS is powered by the latest Intel Celeron processor. This device will deliver outstanding performance and quickly transmit data encryption.

The device also has real-time transcoding for high-quality sources called 4K Ultra HD. Synology gives you a warranty for 3 years. The reading speed of this device is 225MB per second. The device can write speeds of 221MB per second. Maybe you still need memory with a large capacity to store files. You do not need to buy a new device because the memory on this storage can be updated up to 8GB.

Link Aggregation is support for providing 1GB LAN. The file transfer system can be done at high speed. You do not have to wait long to move your file.

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Synology DS916+ Review

Synology DS916+ comes with perfect and simple packaging. You can install this device in minutes. You must use the applications available on your phone to find the address of this device.

Besides that, you can open the interface view of this device. You can set this device and choose Raid Synology Hybrid. Package Center will be the best feature of this device.

You can install software from the first party to manage your files. Cloud Station feature is used to replace Dropbox service. You do not need any terms to get the storage service and have to worry that the service will be undermined by others.  And you can also stream the file to your television, and other devices. You can insert a 25GB drive into this device.

Synology DS916+ can play the video smoothly. The video can run stable. You can watch the video from outside the site with a fast internet service. This device has an operating system that can be installed easily because the operating system is a regular computer. The Bluray transcode does not get any obstacles.

The transfer rate of this device is awe-inspiring. The transfer speed of this device is more than 220MB per second. The feature has the package you need. You can install the package without a complicated process.

Maybe you need a separate workstation to test the transfer speed. You can expand that speed by purchasing an expansion unit. This device is available with 2GB and 8GB RAM. High-quality online videos can be played smoothly.

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Synology DS918+ is made for file storage in small and medium enterprises. This device gives you a bigger memory compared to Synology DS916+. The device is used for household-scale storage with less data than business.

You can choose the best option for a storage solution for your home and business. That’s the explanation about Synology DS918 + vs. Synology DS916 +.

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