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Synology DS718+ vs Synology DS918+ Review Comparison

Are you feeling worried by the time you have built your own business, and all of your digital and essential data is on the computer? You may need storage that has a use to store your entire information safely. You can choose between Synology DS718+ and Synology DS918+.


Synology DS718+ Review

The primary storage that we are going to discuss here is Synology DS718+ has high specs on the memory because it has 1866 memory along with 2GB DDR3L.

The good part of this storage is you can also upgrade the capacity of the memory to 6GB, which allows you to store much more data.

The storage has an enchanting performance that can reach over 226 MB/second for reading, and it would be different from the writing system, which reaches 184 MB/second. The storage is also using a dual 1GBE LAN which is combined with the failover and the link aggregation support system.

The advanced BTRF system is being optimized for the developed system which can offer you more than 65000 systems-wide snapshots, and you can do the snapshots for about 1024 for one single shared folder.

This storage is also provided with two channels H.265 and H.264. Aside from that, this storage is also equipped with a 4K video transcoding system on its fly. Therefore, no need for more worries about saving your relevant data because with this storage you can keep all of them to stay safe from other hackers or the failure computer system which makes all data will be gone.

Aside from that, the appearance of the storage is perfect and easy to be placed near your computer or wherever you want to put this storage on because the room has only 3.8 pounds for its weight.

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Synology DS918+ Review

Here we go to the other storage that will be compared with Synology DS718+. For your information, the Synology DS918+ has lots of advanced specifications that are reliable to be the storage to keep all of your data is safe.

The performance on this storage is a little bit under the Synology DS718+, which has only 225 MB/seconds for the reading system but the return on its writing system is on the top over the previous storage which reaches 221 MB/second.

This performance data information has only different in 1 MB/second for its reading and wins over from DS718+ in a farther number in writing. Then, this advanced storage has an essential 4GB DDR3L1866 Memory, and it has a chance to be upgraded into 8GB.

Aside from that, you can also enjoy this storage which has dual TBE Land along with the failover and link aggregation as the additional supporting system. This storage is more suitable to use for you who want to build your own business in a small to medium-sized business: and for IT enthusiasts. Things that are also very enthralling about this storage are that this storage has been equipped and powered by Intel Celeron quad-core processor.

The additional supporting detail that has been applied to this store to make it more perfect and exciting is this storage’s acceleration has real-time transcoding. Therefore, no doubt anymore about this storage quality that you can utilize its uses to give you much benefit.

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In the last part here, you would better determine first what kind of purpose and the main point that you are going to do with these storages. By the time you have done in determining your needs, and now you can choose one of them that seems to suit you more for your business.

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