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Synology DS718+ vs Synology DS916+ Review Comparison

Have you ever thought to have such the best data storage that you can utilize the usage for storing all of your essential data? If you do, you may need to love to try the Synology DS718+ or SynologyDS916+. Those are the best storage for saving all your important data.

Synology DS718+ Review

The first one here is Synology DS718+; this storage is such reliable storage that you count on saving all of your essential data for business.

This great storage has been built because the increasingly crucial data for business in every Company is increasing rapidly in a big number; therefore we all need good quality storage that can be trusted for storing the entire data.

The specs of this storage are excellent. For instance, 1866 memory with 2GB DDR3L and the scalable can be upgraded into 6GB. The storage also has a dual 1GBE LAN with Link aggregation support and failover.

The BTRF file system has been advanced and enhanced perfectly, which is offering 65000 systems-wide snapshots, and did you know for every single shared folder you can do 1024 snapshots? It is such a fantastic storage ever.

The storage also has two channels H.265, and H.24 support, and the quality video reaches 4K video transcoding on the fly. The performance of this storage will surely amaze you because of the encrypted sequential throughput at over 226 MB/second reading and different with writing, which is 184 MB/second.

Also, this storage has an outstanding feature such as a quad-core processor combined with AES NI for the hardware encryption engine. The performance of data encryption acceleration is so exceptional and very suitable for you who want to keep all of your essential data. Aside from that, the 4K transcoding is also working in real-time.

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Synology DS916+ Review

If you have been concerned and learned about the Synology DS718+ storage, now we are going to compare it with other storage types from Synology that we call Synology DS916+.

The first difference that we can see from this storage can contain much more data because this storage has 8GB DDR3.

Aside from that, this storage featured with quad-core 4 bay NAS which has been optimized in a proper way for every intensive task and the encryption. Another amusing feature from this storage is this scalable storage can be upgraded if you want into 9 drives DX513.

Synology DS916+ will go to the public with two RAM options that you can choose. For example, 2 GB and 8 GB are excellent to be the optional RAM in this part. The storage uses a single H.264 4K along with triple full High Definition transcoding that works online.

Aside from that, there is also a similar specification between these two amusing storages such as the BTRF system that offers 65000 systems-wide snapshots, and every 1024 snapshots will have one shared folder.

Synology DS916+ also has the primary purpose of keeping all of your digital assets safe, and you can count on this storage as the most reliable storage to maintain your important data.

This Synology DS916+ is powered by Intel Pentium N3710 which makes the specs of this storage is very outstanding. This storage is also very flexible and can be used for multitasking applications.

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By the time you have read and got to know further about those two storages from Synology, now is the time for you to decide which storage that suits you the most with your own needs.

To find suitable for your desires, you have to be more careful before you make a call to choose one of them because they have their capacities and specifications differently.

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