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Synology DS420j vs Synology DS418j Review: Pros and Cons

It is an endless topic to compare Synology DS420j Vs Synology DS418j. Discussing this topic is always interesting. If you want to compare them and are curious about the better one, you have to pay attention to the review of each product in this article, focused on their designs, features, as well as pros and cons.

Synology DS420j Review


Synology DS420j comes with a modern design. It is easy to use. About the dimensions, it measures 11.3 inches x 9.7 inches x 9.3 inches. With these dimensions, it weighs 9.25 pounds. Overall, the design is good enough.


This device comes with a 64-bit 4-core processor and 1.4 GHz speed. It also has a DDR memory with a 1GB capacity. Besides that, it is featured with a 4-bay home NAS that supports 60TB+ raw capacity. So, you can use it to backup data & share files. In addition, it also features an encrypted sequential reading & writing throughput for more than 112 MB per second.

The next feature is a surveillant solution. You can enjoy its 16-MP camera, too. Even more, you must know that it consumes low watts, especially in the Hibernation Mode. So, energy-saving design is very useful.

For the next feature, this device offers easy file access. In this case, you need to thank its Quick Connect feature. There is also what is called a personal multimedia server. It belongs to the key features, too. This feature lets you turn it into a home media hub to store your MP3, pictures, TV shows, movies, etc. Next, you can use its bulletproof backup. This feature can be used for your store, office, home, etc.

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Synology DS420j Pros and Cons

  • Excellent security
  • Easy to operate
  • 4-bay home NAS
  • Great performance
  • Bigger size

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Synology DS418j Review


There is no special thing about its design. It comes with a chassis that looks simple. Unfortunately, it has no modern features. In addition, it also has no USB ports at the front. Anyway, the simple design is nice because it offers many great features.


Many features are offered by this device. First, it uses a Realtek RTD 1293 64-bit dual-core processor that comes with a 1.4 GHz speed. This processor is paired with 1-GB RAM. This device is better for home use. However, it belongs to a powerful & safe NAS. In this case, you should thank its 4-bay drive that is usually seen in the higher-end models.

This device is also featured with 40-TB storage that lets you save different data types including multimedia files. But the reading & writing speed is a bit lacking. It offers 112 MB per second of reading speed whereas the writing speed is 87 MB per second. Anyway, it is appropriate for personal use.

To make up for this low reading & writing speed, this device supports a 16-IP camera. So, this is perfect network-attached storage for your removal lives viewing. Anyway, we can say that this NAS is powerful enough. This is very useful for your data safety as well as your activity. So, it comes with many features that meet your needs.

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Synology DS418j Pros and Cons

  • Simple & clear interface
  • Supports 16-IP camera
  • 40TB storage
  • Slower reading & writing speed
  • No USB ports at the front

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Which Is Better, Synology DS420j or DS418j?

Both devices are easy to use and have awesome cameras. However, Synology DS420j has a faster speed. Even more, that device also offers a bigger capacity.

On the other side, you may also be disappointed with the USB ports that are located at the back of Synology DS418j.

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