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Synology DS418j vs Qnap TS-431P Review: Pros and Cons

Synology is well-known as the producer of high-quality DiskStation. However, they have a contender, which is Qnap, which also has the right quality products. Now, for you who are going to buy DiskStation, we have Synology DS418j vs. Qnap TS-431P review here, which can help you to choose the best product.

Synology DS418j Review


In one word, we can say it has simple. Synology creates a simple concept, which will help its user to use it easily. All light indicators are located on the front side of the product. The user can quickly notice the lights. And, its simplicity makes DS418J look more elegant and futuristic.


A 64-bit Dual-Core 1.4GHz processor is the heart of this product. Synology DS418j can make the performance run well and smoothly. More than that, reading and wring speed is quite fast. 112 MB/s reading speed and 87 MB/s reading speed are quite satisfying, even though it’s not the fastest.

The best feature is the capacity. Synology DS418j has a vast space you can use to keep your data. 40 TB is available for every single drive space. Therefore, with four drives available, we can imagine how big an area we can use inside. More than that, you also can integrate it with IP cameras. You can use a maximum of 16 IP cameras with this product.

Unfortunately, there are some flaws. One of the most noticeable flaws in the sync process. Sometimes, you can’t sync it with Google Drive. If it happens, you may have more problems. Ask help from their customer service.

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Synology DS418j Pros and Cons

  • Simple and beautiful design
  • 40 TB space for each drive
  • 112 MB/s reading and 87MB/s writing speed
  • Integrated with 16 IP cameras
  • Sync flaw, sometimes you can’t sync it with your Google Drive account.
  • Difficult to use as a printer server, especially with the Apple Time Capsule

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Qnap TS-431P Review


Qnap doesn’t pay too much attention to its design. As you can see, this product looks plain. Compared to the Synology product, the design itself seems low-quality products. However, we can still easily use it, because the light indicators, port, and button are located at easy to reach place.


The core specification is quite satisfying. ARM Cortex-A15 Dual-Core 1.7GHz is the processor. Qnap TS-431P has 1 GB RAM, 2 Gbe LAN, and 3 USB3.0 ports, plus the HDD is hot-swappable. More than that, it uses Full NAS encryption. This feature gives better protection for the data that you keep inside. Therefore, it’s suitable for centralizes file storage needs.

You also can easy to synchronize Qnap TS-431P with many different gadgets, from the laptop, computer, and different kinds of mobile devices. With it, you will also easily stream your multimedia file to those devices. With better core specifications, the streaming process will run very smoothly.

QmailAgent is another useful feature we can found here. This feature acts as the mailroom center, where you can easily manage your email. You don’t need to spend too much time switching and access another account. Everything can be done in Qnap TS-431 with its feature, QmailAgent.

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Qnap TS-431P Pros and Cons

  • ARM Cortex-A15 Dual-Core processor and 1 GB RAM for better performance
  • 2 Gbe LAN and 3 USB 3.0 port
  • Full NAS encryption for better protection
  • QmailAgent feature for managing your email
  • Plain design
  • Cheap plastic material, which looks like it can’t last long

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The most important thing to choose DiskStation is performance. So, according to the review we made above, it’s clear, who is the winner between Synology DS418j vs. Qnap TS-431P. It’s Qnap TS-431P, which has more superior performance and features, compare to Synology DS418j. So, you can choose that product.

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