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Synology DS418 vs Synology DS418j Review: Pros and Cons

Having a backup for all data on your server or device is essential. This is where Disk Station, like Synology made, is necessary. Here, there are two products from this brand, which are Synology DS418 vs. Synology DS418j. If you plan to buy it, here is our review for your reference.

Synology DS418 Review

  • Design

Simple and doesn’t too complicated, where a beginner can use it without a problem. Synology place the light indicator and USB port, all of them on the front side of this product. So, you can quickly notice which disk currently has been activated.

The simple design also is a great choice, because it will make DS418 fit with other devices. And, the small size makes it easy to place anywhere you want.

  • Features

Synology DS418 has more than 40 TB of space available inside. Therefore, you will get more than you need with this product.

This product also has quite satisfying data reading and writing speed. At its peak, it can reach more than 226 MB/s of reading speed and 170 MB/s for data writing. Compared to other products, this performance can be said really good. It’s suitable for business needs.

For faster connection, Synology also adds Dual 1GbE ports. It’s located on the front, and you can easily plug your USB cable into it. More than that, it is also equipped with failover and Link Aggregation support. It will help you to prevent any problems.

For multimedia purposes, DS418 has excellent performance. Synology makes it easily transcoding 4K 10-bit H.265 video at fast speed. If you want to share your multimedia file, you can count on it.

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Synology DS418 Pros & Cons

  • Fast reading and writing speed (226 MB/s and 170 MB/s)
  • Fast video transcoding
  • More than 40TB space inside
  • You need gigabit port on a computer to get fast speed

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Synology DS418j Review

  • Design

The front side of DS418j is different than DS418. It is fully covered, so the physical disk shape can’t be seen. Synology also gives it an LED light indicator in this part, which makes it easy to notice.

The difference is it has 6 LED lights. It shows the status of the power, LAN, and four disks installed in it. And, the power button is placed in the middle, which makes it easy to press.

  • Features

The space available inside is similar to DS418, which is more than 40 TB. So, you will get more than you need here. Synology uses 64-bit Dual-Core 1.4 GHz processor on this product. It makes DS418j can work way better and faster than other Disk stations in its class.

This is useful for stable usage. Although DS418j originally is made for personal usage, this performance will give you excellent performance.

Unfortunately, the speed isn’t that fast. DS418j has only 112 MB/s reading speed and 87 MB/s writing speed. This slow speed isn’t suitable for you who plan to use it to share the multimedia file.

However, to balance its flaw, Synology gives it another feature, which is an IP camera feature. With this feature, you can use DS418j for 16 IP cameras.

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Synology DS418j Pros & Cons

  • 40 TB space
  • 64-bit Dual-Core 1.4 GHz processor
  • Compatible for 16 IP cameras usage
  • Compatible with Google Drive, Dropbox, and Baidu Cloud
  • Slow reading and writing speed (112 MB/s and 87MB/s)

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The result of Synology DS418 vs. Synology DS418j is DS418. We recommend it because of its high-speed data transfer. It also has a supporting feature that can prevent failure. Both products have similar performance and specifications. But, the most crucial thing about Disk Station is speed. So, we choose Synology DS418.

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