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Synology DS3018xs vs Synology DS1817+ Review: Pros and Cons

Are choosing which one of these Synology DS3018xs vs. Synology DS1817+ Network Attached Storage to purchase is not an easy task. However, with our complete buying guide and unbiased review, you’ll be able to enter the marketplace with confidence knowing well what you are looking for and which one is suitable.

Synology DS3018xs Review


Design-wise; the Synology DS3018XS comes with a high-quality plastic enclosure and newly designed chassis that is incredibly elegant.

The chassis is equipped with LED lights as an indicator for a single drive, system, status, and network access. Removable panels and the gigantic logo that serves as air ventilation are also an excellent addition.


Synology DS3018XS made headlines when the manufacturer introduced them as the first 6-bay storage solution. It’s undoubtedly good news for the average people who think 8-bay enterprise-grade storage is a bit overkill, but consider 4-bay storage insufficient. Yes, Synology DS3018XS does indeed offer a perfect solution – but what about its features?

Being one of the best performing servers, this storage is powered with a dual-core 2.6 GHz turbo boost processor and DDR4 memory of 8GB that is expandable to 32GB. Not only that but the Synology DS3018XS is also equipped with advanced hardware such as the AES-NI encryption engine, complete with astounding scaling flexibility.

On top of that, the DiskStation model has a myriad of connectivity options such as a PFI slot that can be installed with a dual M.2 SSD card or 10GbE network interface card. Data protection and corruption intervention are also available to ensure flexibility and reduce maintenance in the future.

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Synology DS3018XS Pros and Cons

  • Comes with PCIe slot for improved accessibility and performance
  • Support Link Aggregation from the router
  • High storage and plenty of brand-new features
  • Numerous upgrade options
  • Incredible IP SAN performance
  • Fully expandable to an outstanding 30 drive bays of storage
  • It doesn’t come with embedded M.2 SSD slots

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Synology DS1817+ Review


When it comes to design, Synology DS1817+ looks similar to its DS1517+ counterpart. If you notice the similarity, you’re right. The storage solution does come with the signature matte black enclosure and drive-bays, which are all equipped with a status indicator and drive locks. It’s incredibly elegant yet very functional and accessible.


Next, on our Synology DS3018xs vs. Synology DS1817+ unbiased review is the Synology DS1817+ model. Powered by a quad-core 2.4 GHz processor and more than 16GB dual-channel DDR RAM, Synology DS1817+ proves to be one of the most potent pieces of appliances to have. Not only powerful, but this NAS solution is also highly scalable.

The Synology DS1817+ offers the storage of over 80TB in its cluster system. However, it can easily be expanded to more than 180TB via additional expansion units. This undoubtedly makes for an excellent solution for enterprises.

Performance-wise, we test the DS1817+ with the block-level iSCSI configuration for reads, and the result is an impressive 948MB/s.

As for writes, we test it with file-level iSCSI, and the result is 532MB/s, which is nothing short of astounding! This sequential test also finds a 170.01MB/s average latency rate across four of its VMs, which contributes to its extremely fast-performing hard drives.

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Synology DS1817+ Pros and Cons

  • Excellent performance even during heavy use
  • Astounding 4K performance
  • Powerful functionality and great management
  • Impressive features for data protection
  • Supporting 10GbE upgrades
  • Poorly ventilated card slot add-ons that lead to overheating
  • Sluggish performance once card slot overheats
  • Low IP SAN speeds

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The fact that the Synology DS1817+ comes with design flaws is disappointing because it has so much potential. For that reason, those who are yet to set on buying 8-bay storage would be wise to go for the Synology DS3018XS.

After all, our Synology DS3018xs vs. Synology DS1817+ testing has indicated it’s upgradeable.

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