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Synology DS2415+ vs Synology DS1817+ Review: Pros and Cons

For you, massive storage needs Synology DS2415+ vs. Synology DS1817+ which one gives you the best? Diskless storage means everything when you work with such requirements, such as backing up data and centralized file sharing, especially for your business purpose. Here are reviews from both of DiskStation storage for you.

Synology DS2415+ Review


This becomes the tremendous Synology configuration from DiskStation. It has a physical footprint with two columns of 6 bays each, and the drives are supported with LED’s status. In the back, there are large fans that line up horizontally, USB 3.0 ports, LAN ports, and AC adaptor ports.


For your business mass storage capacity, Synology DS2415+ is equipped with a quad-core CPU intel atom. It has 12 drive bays and a maximum internal capacity of 96TB. There are 4 Gigabit LAN ports with link aggregation support and failover. The bulletproof backup and disaster recovery make you able to protect your important and sensitive data by replicate into other Das storage and online /offline server.

The size is scaled up into 24 drives, and the power supply is used adaptor 500W. For DDR3 Ram it is supported with 2GB DDR3 Ram and able to expendable to 6 GB. The external USB is supported extra storage and use to move extensive data faster rather than use wire.

Several features benefit business requirements such as photo and video stations (you can build photo and video sites to store and share it with others), surveillance stations (full service of IP camera solution).

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Synology DS2415+ Pros and Cons

  • Redundancy
  • It is user-friendly, easy to use
  • The Synology DS2415+ can customize
  • Can expendable the storage capacity with chassis expansion
  • Uneven perform
  • It is not supported with a PCle slot for NIC or M.2 SSD cache adapter.

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Synology DS1817+ Review


Synology DS1817+ is the perfect solution for storage and centralizes the backup data. This does not have a front-panel USB port and comes with a black matte plastic enclosure.

There is an underneath the bezel from 8 drive bays. Each drive bay has its indicator status and drives lock. On the top surface, there are LED lights around the power button, which also display the state of the connection network.


For your massive storage requirement, this storage has been built with a quad-core CPU, flawless software integration, file sharing and synching, bulletproof backup and disaster recovery, virtualization storage, and high availability for your business continuity.

For file sharing and synching, this Synology DS1817+ is supported for network sharing such as NFS, CIFS, FTP, and many more. Diskstation allows the whole office to centralize files and then do a collaboration project more comfortably.

The backup plan is crucial for everyone. Synology DS1817+ provides backup for files in Windows or Mac pc into DiskStation with extra protection layer by duplicate data into other Synology NAS, cloud storage services such as Dropbox, Google, etc., and even into the off-site server.

Diskstation is working as seamless storage for virtualization. The owner can enjoy the optimized performance due to supporting iSCI, NFS, VMware vSphere, and VAAI integration. Maximize the data remain by combine two DiskStation servers into one availability server is a great thing.

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Synology DS1817+ Pros and Cons

  • Easy to set up
  • The system maintains itself
  • Removable panel
  • Fully expandable into 30 bays drive storage option
  • High speed in processing and transferring files
  • Has powerful functionality management
  • Lack in several performances when compared with the previous model
  • Does not come with embedded M.2 SSD slots

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For mass storage data, Synology DS2415+ is an excellent option to choose. It has a big capacity able to expend for extra storage. This is also easy to use for a new user. It gives more flexibility to custom the setting of data storage depends on your requirement.

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