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Synology DS220j vs Zyxel NAS326 Review: Pros and Cons

Synology is a set of device series produced by the NAS server (Network Attached Storage). NAS server is a company that works to facilitate users to save data in a large amount. The products are widely used in companies or organizations for the many benefits they give. Being the leading company for disk stations for many years, the company currently must face a big competitor, Zyxel. Let’s take a look at the featured products from both companies anyway.

Synology DS220j Review


Synology DS220j is one of the products that come out with a more minimalist design. It is compact and simple with a relatively small dimension. If you are bored with such products in the black color, you can choose this one. Yes, different from many other series, the DS220j series is white.


For the features, the product is available in 24/ 7 hours to store and share data for various necessities. It is suitable for both the household and company mainly if you want to avoid problems like data theft or hacks. It also brings a more intuitive operation flow as well as reduces the learning curve.

Accessing data is also getting easier using this series from Synology. Moreover, it is designed to be compatible with some operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. Sure, you can connect it to mobile devices also.

The next feature available is the integrated media server. With this feature, you can use it to support internet-related activities, for example, it is multimedia content streaming. Lastly, enjoy it even more with the free access to private cloud files to back up your data, no matter how big they are. It is great also to back up mobile photos and videos with iOS and Android.

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Synology DS220j Pros and Cons

  • The product has a simple, compact, yet beautiful design. Overall, the performance is also very good with the compatibility of various operating systems in computers and mobile devices.
  • Mack Time Machine backups are failed several times and it is quite disturbing.

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Zyxel NAS326 Review


The product features a classic design in black with some buttons available on the right side. The dimensions are not too big, making it very practical enough to carry anywhere if you want. Besides, it is also surprisingly lightweight at only 2.77 pounds.


Zyxel NAS326 is designed and produced for various necessities whether at home or in the company. It keeps and processes data more effectively without being afraid that the data will be easily leaked. Additionally, it indeed has many features for data security even more. It is very good if you are just afraid of cybercrime activities like data theft or hacks. For the hardware interface, it uses Ethernet. Meanwhile, the read speed ability is up to 105 Megabytes per second.

The product is also highly recommended for you who don’t have too much experience with disk stations. The setup process is relatively fast and easy although you may still need to look at the manual book.

The same thing is also for how to operate it. You can choose and easily set up whether the disk stations will be used for home or company necessities. Therefore, you will not spend extra energy in case it only needs a home with small capacities. Enjoy also Zcloud remote access although the port configuration is still important.

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Zyxel NAS326 Pros and Cons

  • The device is easy to use as well as the interface is simple and understandable. The access speed is impressive also.
  • The product is quite noisy.

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Which is better, Synology DS220j or Zyxel NAS326?

So far, Synology DS220j is better with more complete features and abilities. The design is beautiful also. But for an affordable diskstation product, Zyxel NAS326 is not disappointing as well.