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Synology DS218+ vs Synology DS418 Review: Pros and Cons

Synology DS218+ vs. Synology DS418 has some exciting things. A disk station is a storage medium that can load multiple hard disks with individual capacity. Storage media is the solution for storing digital data because everyone has used digital data such as music, pictures, videos, movies, and so on. Synology will provide the best features.

Synology DS218+ Review


Synology DS218+ has a modern design with four green lights when the storage media is turned on to work. The front has a power button with red symbols and blue lights. The USB port also has a place on the front. The storage media looks sleek with rectangular shapes and elegant black colors on all sides.


Memory on storage media can be added up to 6GB. The dual-core processor has been equipped with AES-NI. CPU used in storage media has a powerful performance perfect.

Synology DS218+ is a perfect device for small businesses looking for flexible storage solutions. The Btrfs file system is integrated into the product so it can transmit data with advanced technology. Storage media can play 4K Ultra HD video with a perfect image on the monitor. The reading speed is 113 MB/s.

Synology DS218+ successfully gives a write speed of 112 MB/s. The multimedia server is a library with a vast storage capacity. Storage media support is not only provided when you turn on storage but also other conditions. Centralized data can be accessed from storage media and share data with other devices that have been connected to the disk station.

Synology DS218+ can connect quickly via Quick Connect. All operating systems can connect to storage media, so you do not have to worry. The operating systems used by the device are Linux, Mac, and Windows.

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Synology DS218+ Pros and Cons

  • Dual-core Intel CPUs are equipped with dual bay drives
  • An amazing surveillance and security system
  • AES-NI encryption engine with excellent transcoding
  • Integration has no limits whatsoever
  • If you want to manage backups, then the media takes a long time
  • The front panel is still smooth

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Synology DS418 Review


Synology makes a design that is not complicated and simple. Novice users will not get into trouble while using storage media. The hard disk has a USB port on the front so you can see the indicator. The light indicator functions as part of the storage media.

You can see that the disk is in operating condition. The simple design is the right choice because the small size is suitable to put in all places.


Synology DS418 provides more than 40 TB to store hard disks. Storage media meets the needs of users. The latest products can make you feel satisfied with the ability to read and write quickly. The read speed of the storage media is 226 MB/s.

The write speed at the top of the storage media is over 170 MB/s. DS418 performance is better than other products. Business requires storage media with this feature — fast connections obtained from dual 1 GB port.

The port is in front so you can easily connect the USB cable to that port. Link Aggregation Support and failover also complete the storage media. Features are used to prevent problems. Every business must have multimedia needs.

The entrepreneurs need not worry because Synology will do transcoding quickly on the 4K video. Another need is to share data. This is also not to be feared by the users because DS418 has a secure system to share data with others.

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Synology DS418 Pros and Cons

  • Transcoding video only takes a short time
  • Multimedia features are completed with a simple system
  • Beautiful design with elegant colors
  • Small size
  • Equipped with Link Aggregation to prevent some problems
  • You must use gigabit port to transfer quickly on your computer

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The decision for Synology DS218+ vs. Synology DS418 is at the speed of success given by both products.

These two products have different advantages because Synology DS418 is the latest output. The most important thing about the storage media is the speed, and the Synology DS418 can read and write faster than the Synology DS218+.

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