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Synology DS218+ vs Synology DS216+II Review Comparison

The first question on your lips is, of course, the specifications of Synology DS218+ VS Synology DS216+II. NAS is a technology that is taboo and confusing; probably for most people. Many people do not understand what NAS is, how it functions, and how it works. Here we will compare 2 NAS products that you might use to get to know the NAS.

Synology DS218+ Review

Synology DS218+ presented with some new features and old features. This NAS will be easier to use; it’s easier than the older version. This CPU has 2 GB of DDR3 memory (expandable up to 6 GB). Synology DS218+ is also equipped with some old software that is displayed with some improvements that will facilitate you in using it. DS218+ supports 4K in real-time.

Synology DS218+ is ideal for storing essential data and sharing it with other platforms. This CPU comes with several features that can store as well as secure your critical data. You do not have to worry when there is damage (hardware and software) because this CPU manufacturer provides a full warranty for two years for each CPU you buy.

Synology DS218+ can be used by home users or small companies. 2 GB RAM capacity is enough for home users and for those who are accustomed to doing more prominent work can upgrade the RAM up to 6 GB. DS218+ is a reliable device for those who want to store and secure important files or data they have. This is particularly important for files related to work or something very personal.

Synology DS218+ is equipped with a 2 GHz processor speed (burst 2.5 GHz). This CPU can read up to 113 MB / s and write up to 112 MB / s; this can minimize the occurrence of errors or damage in the data transfer process.

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Synology DS216+II Review

When you hear about NAS, Synology is probably the first thing that will come to your mind. Many people like us have high hopes for DS216+II. This is a two-bay CPU that has a memory capacity of up to 10 TB. DS216+II is powered by Celeron N3060 which has a burst speed up to 2.48GHz.

According to Synology, the DS216+II NAS can support fast transfer speeds (including for encrypted data and transcoding) This NAS is a very appropriate tool to work, and it also supports games with the latest specifications You will not encounter any obstacles play your favorite new games.

DS216+II has a “different” design. For those of you who may already have or are familiar with Synology units, we are confident that you will be interested in the look of this CPU. CPU is designed to have a more classy look and has a more solid impression than most other NAS units. The power button, LAN lights, and some indicator lights on the front show the CPU activity.

Synology DS216+II is equipped with DiskStation Manager (DSM) 6.0 Synology software. DSM 6.0 is a NAS OS that has undergone several changes and improvements. Improvements and changes to the software are done to improve speed and stability.

The location and shape of the DSM 6.0 icon are obvious so that users will not have difficulty accessing the feature they want to use. The DS216+II also comes with business features such as cloud sync applications, email servers, and reconnaissance applications.

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Synology DS218+ is almost the same as Synology DS216+II which was first launched in 2015. CPU and memory are comparable to the 2-Bay flagship; in general, the advantages of DS218+ are only in Dual-Core processor. More precisely, there is no significant difference between Synology DS218+ VS Synology DS216+II (different from J3455 Quad-Core on DS718+ which has a processor frequency up to 2.5GHz).

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