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Synology DS218+ vs QNAP TS-251 Review

Synology DS218+ vs QNAP TS-251 There are so many external storages which are sold in this world, but we may have no idea about the most impressive stuff that we should buy. Because of this thing, here we are going to share with you about Synology DS218+ vs. QNAP TS-251. Yup, we will give you a review of those two products below. So, you have some information before choosing one of them.

Synology DS218+ Review

As we know, this kind of stuff can be beneficial for those who have laptops or PC at home. Here, this Synology DS218+ is one of the most excellent NAS which you can have in your home. The size of the drive which this NAS has is 8 TB. This means this Synology DS218+ can provide excellent performance in the data transferring process.

Besides, there is a single Celeron N3050 that can handle heavy lifting – even only with a twin-core chip and 2 GB DDR3 – 1866 memory. But, this memory can reach up to 6 GB. Not only that, but this NAS also has an advanced Btrfs file system which offers 65.000 systems of broad snapshots and 1024 snapshots per shared folder.

When we talk about the utility, this Synology DS218+ will be suitable for any small business. Why? Because this NAS has a powerful two-bay all-around storage solution – a great system to face common problems. Based on the fact that the NAS has the capability to stream movies, music, and even share images, it is so essential that the system should be perfect. In this Synology DS218+, the live transcoding can reach up to 2 concurrent H.265 / H264 4K video quality.

For the connectivity, this NAS has 2x USB of 2.0 ports, 1x USB of 3.0 port, and 1x eSATA port. Because of this stuff, you don’t need to be worried about the low speed while copying data. Also, there is an RJ45 port that can deliver Gigabit Ethernet.

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QNAP TS-251 Review

Similar to Synology, this QNAP TS-251 also has a specialty in video transcoding. Not only that, you may think that these two kinds of stuff are identical. But, if you look at the drives thoroughly, you may find the difference. Here, this NAS also has various media servers, a music station, a video station, and a photo station.

The memory which is installed on this QNAP TS-251 is pretty awesome. Why? Because this NAS is equipped with a quad-core Celeron which can give a maximum speed of 2.42 GHz. You will know the difference when you are sorting or transcoding the content. But there is one thing that you should know. What is it? This QNAP TS-251 does not support file system – the Btfrs.

For the connectivity, this NAS is equipped with 2x USB of 3.0 port – front and rear, 2x USB of 2.0 port – only rear, 2x Gb RJ45 Ethernet port, and 1x HDMI port. Besides, this QNAP TS-251 supports a USB printer, USB UPS, and pen drive as well.

The transcoding system can produce Full HD videos at 1080p quality. This means, the videos which have been formatted, can be smoothly played on your PC, mobile device, or your Smart TV. Besides, this QNAP TS-251 will quickly build your Personal Cloud and Access Anywhere. Why? Because there is a myQNAPcloud service that can be used to access it all.

On the other hand, there is also a Qsync that can create a safe data center for your file synchronization. So, the files which are uploaded to this QNAP TS-251 will be available for any linked device.

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As we know, the NAS is very suitable for home and business users. So, before buying one, we have to know the best NAS which fits our necessities. But, if we look at the reviews Synology DS218+ vs. QNAP TS-251 which we give above, you may have a vision about which one should be purchased. The point is, choose the best NAS, which provides more beneficial things.

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