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Synology DS218play vs Synology DS216play Review: Pros and Cons

Synology DS218play vs. Synology DS216play may be the options that make you feel confused and clueless. Both of them have similar features, and they are in the same class. Still, being selective to choose one of them which will be suitable the most is necessary. The info below may help you consider the right choice.

Synology DS218play Review


Synology DS218play is simple with its attractive look. The compact black body makes this device look sleek. That is also not that bulky since it is compact so that it would not take much of the space. On the front side, there are some indicators and even buttons that are correctly placed to make still it look sleek yet modern.


Lots of features are offered to you from this NAS DiskStation from Synology. Sure, that is one of the essential factors to notice if we are dealing with the Synology DS218play vs. Synology DS216play.

This is a NAS device with two bays. It is designed for the optimal solution of multimedia, especially for the home or personal users. Of course, it becomes the feature that has to be noticed.

This NAS DiskStation from Synology is powered by quad-core processors in 1.4 GHz and 64 bit. It is completed with DDR-4 1 GB RAM to give high performance. That is including the speed which is about more than 112 megabytes per second for the reading speed and also about 112 megabytes per second for the writing speed.

Synology DS218play also supports the transcoding of 4K videos with 10bit H 265 codec supports. It will also be a good option if you are a mobile person because you will get simplicity in accessing the files no matter where using mobile apps.

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Synology DS218play Pros and Cons

  • The tremendous compact design of the case with the right balance and less noise
  • The low consumption of power
  • Offers better access to operating lots of applications
  • Has no hot-swap chassis with the tray
  • There is no memory card slot

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Synology DS216play Review


Synology DS216play still has the sleek yet minimalist design of the case. It looks solid with the black case without any complicated details.

There are some ports located on the back together with the cooling fan. On the front of this device, there are some indicators that give you some info, and also there is the power button.


Lots of features are also offered so that you need to know the characteristics of each of the devices accurately for dealing with the right decision of the Synology DS218play vs. Synology DS216play. Sinology DS216play is a kind of 2 bay NAS device which has lots of features including transcoding on the fly. This also supports the ultra-high-definition 4 K formats.

This disk station is powered by the dual-core 1.0 GHz 32 bit ARM processor. The maximum internal capacity in raw is about twenty TB, while the maximum size of a single volume is about 16 TB. The memory which is applied is in one gigabyte.

This device can perform about 82 megabytes per second for its writing speed, and more than 105 megabytes for its reading speed.

This device offers excellent features and performance in general, which helps you get lots of great benefits. You can get the convenience as well in accessing the files or data anywhere. It can be done by using mobile apps.

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Synology DS216play Pros and Cons

  • Great performance of file transferring
  • Ease of use and installation of hardware even for the beginners
  • Support the video streaming and transcoding
  • Support the 4K videos
  • There is no slot for SD card
  • Current it has no PLEX support

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Both the Synology D218play and Synology D216play have similar features since they are in the same class. However, being smart in considering your need is helpful. Also, we may give you the advice to choose the newer series one. In dealing with Synology DS218play vs. Synology DS216play, of course, it is about the Synology DS218play.

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