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Synology DS218J vs Synology DS216J Review: Pros, Cons and Verdict

Using NAS or Network Attached Storage becomes a good thing which will help us getting simplicity in dealing with the need of the data storage. That is popular nowadays so that many people use the devices to meet the demand. Synology DS218J vs. Synology DS216J may be the options you can consider to choose.

Synology DS218J Review


Design of Synology DS218J is compact yet simple using a chassis made from plastic. It may not look that tough because of its plastic material.

The design of this NAS device is also thin. If you are worried about the noise, you will not find it. It also offers good ventilation


Talking about Synology DS218J vs. Synology DS216J, it is good to notice the elements as well. There are some features which are offered, including the functionality of the two-bay NAS which is designed for the entry-level, especially the personal and home cloud storage. You may find the hardware encryption engines of the device which use the dual-core CPU.

The DS218J offers simplicity to its users by giving them everywhere access using mobile applications which are compatible with Windows / iOS / Android. This device also provides a constant speed of writing and reading. One hundred thirteen megabytes per second for the reading speed, and about 112 megabytes per second for its writing speed.

You may find it is one of the good options for the NAS devices from Synology, but surely you need to notice its features, designs, and so on. This DS218j NAS device also offers support for multimedia streaming by using the integrated media servers.

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Synology DS218J Pros and Cons

  • Ease of use even for the entry-level
  • Lots of great apps
  • Provide great performance
  • There are some quirks related to its software
  • There is no higher-level features and also functionality since it is designed for the entry-level
  • The memory is only 512 megabytes.

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Synology DS216J Review


Synology DS216j NAS device has a simple yet minimalist design with plastic material. The hard drive is installed internally, which may require you to consider the installation carefully.

There is no tray there, which requires you some physical installation. There are also some options for the colors which can be chosen, including silver-white, and even black.


To decide the Synology DS218J vs. Synology DS216J, the elements or specs become one of the critical factors to consider. The DS216j offers some great features including the use of a GHz dual-core processor which provides a similar reading speed to the DS218j, which is about 112 megabytes per one second.

Some other features are also provided by this NAS device. It is including the two-drive bay for giving the solution of data redundancy. This device also offers simplicity to access no matter where using mobile applications. As with the previous type or the DS218j, this NAS device also uses 512 MB RAM.

This NAS device offers a bunch of good things as a device for the entry-level. If you are looking for the primary device and performance, this may be one of the right options, which will be a good idea. This is also equipped with the DSM OS. It will ultimately help get the simplicity of the backup processes.

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Synology DS216J Pros and Cons

  • The simple backing up processes because of the DSM OS use
  • Performance is excellent with less noise
  • Size and design is compact and good
  • For the newbie, the operating system of DSM can be a bit hard to understand
  • You are required to deal with the installation which may be a bit tricky and complicated

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In conclusion, in deciding Synology DS218J vs Synology DS216J, it is not difficult. They have similar features, performance, and even design to these NAS devices. The gap is not that great, and they can be good options in the same class. You can also consider the more benefits you can obtain from each of them.

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