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Synology DS218 vs Synology DS218+ Review: Pros and Cons

What is the difference between Synology DS218 and DS218+? To detail, Synology DS218 vs. Synology DS218+ below helps to get the complete answer. Both of the products are offering excellent performance, features, and detail. The most important is to get the best external storage system based on the need, especially for a small home or office room.

Synology DS218 Review


There is no other word except compact product to describe the model. The external storage system is designed just like a small black box. Due to the design, Synology DS218 is easy to put anywhere, even in a tiny home or office room. The black color makes the product easy to mix with any home or office décor.


The performance is excellent and thanks to the quad-core processor. The processor allows the product to do well in reading and writing. All of the jobs are done smoothly in a short time. 2GB memory is excellent news since the storage capacity is bigger than the predecessor.

There is no problem anymore to do the video transcoding process. The feature supports the process well and faster without any significant problem. Because of the features and the system, the product is also compatible with DSM or Disk Station Management. That’s why the files within will be easy to manage, whether in the saving, opening, or downloading process.

There is no USB port installed, but it doesn’t reduce the performance. The rest of the features help a lot to overcome the lack of a USB port. The non-USB port becomes different between Synology DS218 and the other versions. The USB port feature supports some similar versions.

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Synology DS218 Pros and Cons

  • The features work well to support excellent performance.
  • No noisy sound for those who love working in quietness.
  • The fast downloading process even for images.
  • Excellent installation for all users.
  • No complicated instruction or features for beginner users.
  • Minor issue on the transferring speed.

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Synology DS218+ Review


The product looks like a black box and is similar to the above version. That’s why Synology DS218 vs. Synology DS218+ in the sense of the design will be similar and nothing significantly different. As a small black box, Synology DS218+ is also suitable for small home and office rooms or tables.


The high performance can’t be separated from the features. Let say; the product is using a dual-core processor along with an AES-NI hardware encryption engine. The processor and the additional features work to boost the performance. The files and data are safely stored on a 2GB memory.

For those who need more storage, the memory can be expanded up to 6GB. The encryption engine works well to get smooth and faster reading and writing. Moreover, the advanced Btrfs file system offers more wide snapshots, especially in the sharing folder process. The sharing process will be quicker and takes a short time than before.

There is no problem anymore with the video streaming process because of the compatible live transcoding feature. The features are designed not only for better file sharing but also for data protection.

The latest security protection system works well to secure all the files, so they are ready to open when they needed even in urgent condition.

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Synology DS218+ Pros and Cons

  • More features work for improving performance and protection.
  • Compatible with any device, including a smartphone.
  • Works for a small home or office room.
  • Compact design and suitable for any home or office design.
  • The system is not compatible with a specific system such as PLEX.
  • Minor problem on the email app.

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So, which one is the best between Synology DS218 vs. Synology DS218+. In the case of full features, Synology DS218+ can be a good option. The main reason is, of course, on the additional features which improve not only the performance but also the security level. Most importantly, both of them can be used in a small home office room with maximal performance.

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