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Synology DS218 vs Synology DS218j Review: Pros, and Cons

To keep data with big capacities as well as directly connect them to the device, the disk station is an excellent idea. More than that, it is if you also want to do some other activities like streaming or watching your favorite videos on Smart TV. Synology is a company that releases a series of disk stations this year. Some of them are Synology DS218 and DS218j.

Synology DS218 Review


Synology DS218 has black matte color and a vertically compact design. It is light enough with a weight of only 2.87 pounds. Meanwhile, the dimensions are 9.2×4.2×6.5 inches make it look simple and travel-friendly.

There are some buttons and indicators along with USB ports placed on the front part. It eases the users more while doing their works.


Within the simple design in the form of a box, this series from Synology seems complete for any of your necessities. It features a versatile 2-bay NAS for both office and home usage. The operating system is equipped with a 64-bit quad-core processor. For the application of this processor, the performance is slightly better than the same disk stations in its class; it is 112 MB/s for reading and 112 MB/s for writing.

Not forgetting that Synology DS218 has 2 GB DDR4 memory, it is to support the performance more. The capacity is around four times bigger than the predecessor. There is 4K and 10-bit video transcoding placed on the fly.

This feature helps the device to display better quality of image, video, and sound. Meanwhile, do you often worry while leaving your home? This device enables you to monitor the environment through a 24/7 smart security solution.

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Synology DS218 Pros and Cons

  • Great disk station with multiple functions aside from keeping the data including as the multimedia server and security system, having the ability to improve display quality, durable, secure, and easy to set up.
  • This disk station is a little bit noisy, mainly after being used for hours.

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Synology DS218j Review


Many disk stations are available only in black. Therefore, if there is suddenly another color, it seems so special. Yes, Synology DS218 is available in minimalist white.

The design is compact and straightforward in general for only 1.92 lbs. Meanwhile, the dimension is also 6.5×8.88×3.94 make this one looks more stylish.


There is no special feature available here as it is just similar to other types of disk stations released by Synology. However, they cannot be underestimated as well. There is a versatile entry-level NAS with personal cloud storage.

Although it is mainly intended for home, this series is also effective enough for bigger necessities like in the office. The operating system used is a Dual-core CPU with a hardware encryption engine.

What makes Synology DS218j is worth buying it for its accessibility, including being connected by iOS, Android, and Windows as the ready mobile apps. The disk applies a centralized system so that it can be accessed by all major platforms at once.

Besides, it also features the technology of multimedia to stream any of your favorite programs. For security, it has a bulletproof backup to control the data and make sure that all the files are safe.

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Synology DS218j Pros and Cons

  • Stylish and unique design with white-colored cover, the availability of some additional features like Bulletproof backup, a personal multimedia server with high quality to support the files like video are displayed in more precise and more detailed pictures.
  • There is an experience that migrating the data from the old disk station is failed.

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It is quite challenging to decide which the best one among them is. However, it seems that Synology DS218j is slightly better. It is for some additional features that are important and the performance that looks better as well. Besides, it is added to the stylish design with white color, a kind of color rarely used by this typical device.

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