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Synology DS218 vs Synology DS216 Review: Pros and Cons

Synology is offering great external storage products. The two main products are DS218 and DS216. Which one of those products might be the best? To best way to know the answer is by comparing Synology DS218 vs. Synology DS216. The detail below will explain a lot and can be used as a reference before buying one of them for the best usage.

Synology DS218 Review


The design looks versatile and compact enough for home or office. The lighting system and the buttons are also clear enough for easy to use experience.

Due to the compact design, Synology DS218 is perfect for a small table or office room in which the product can be put anywhere in the best spots there.


The quad-core processor helps the performance a lot, especially for fast and smooth reading and writing. The 2GB storage capacity is also larger than the predecessor. The larger storage capacity gives more space to save relevant data and files.

The video transcoding process is also faster and smooth due to the use of the latest features. The features also allow the product for the diskless system. A Diskless system is more efficient and safe. The buttons and systems are also easy to use even for a beginner, so there are no complicated instructions or skills to learn before using the product.

The features help a lot, whether in the saving process or opening process when the files are needed, which can’t be found in the hardware connectivity because the product doesn’t use that kind of feature.

The most important, without hardware connectivity, which is USB, Synology DS218 is still working well to support daily activity, mainly to keep the data safe.

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Synology DS218 Pros and Cons

  • Quiet operation system.
  • Full features for better performance.
  • A fast working process, such as downloading a picture for only 5 minutes.
  • Easy to use for beginner users.
  • Easy to set up even for nonprofessional computer users.
  • Synology needs to consider the stability of the speed.

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Synology DS216 Review


While comparing Synology DS218 vs. Synology DS216, the plan is similar. Synology DS216 is using black color along with a compact design. Because of that, the product is also suitable for a small table or home and office room. The lighting system and button are clear enough and easy to read, especially for first-time users.


The product is supported by several great features. Let say; there is a personal multimedia hub feature. The feature helps to connect specific media such as smart television, Roku players, Apple television, and chrome cast faster, especially for digital content streaming.

There is also a feature that supports security devices in which the feature helps to control the video and monitor tools. The exciting feature is the Quick Connect feature. The feature helps to connect to the files needed and then open them from different media such as Windows, Mac, Linux, PC, and even smartphones.

There is no need to change anything at all. Just take the files when they are needed right away. There are also various mobile applications to get a great multimedia library for flexible usage anywhere and anytime.

The bulletproof feature keeps all important data and files are safe and easy to open anytime needed. The product system is suitable for urgent conditions.

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Synology DS216 Pros and Cons

  • It is a great size, especially for a small home or office room.
  • The features are complete enough and supported the performance a lot.
  • Fast performance, whether for saving, opening, or downloading.
  • Easy to use to backup memory for beginner users
  • Some of the users have a problem with transferring speed.

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The result of Synology DS218 vs. Synology DS216 is similar or equal. Both of the products offer an elegant and compact design along with great features. But Synology DS216 might be a worth it external storage to buy due to the latest features such as Quick Connect which helps to connect or transfer faster and smoothly.

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